After the long tiring day walking all around the city of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, After all the shopping and sight-seeing and after all the big meals we had that day, We finally arrived to our hotel, The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The place is really nice and great specially if you want to unwind and have some peaceful place to stay in. It’s a great place too to spend your vacation or holiday away from the city with just your family, friends and loved ones and play golf as well! They welcomed us with great hospitality! We enjoyed our really nice lemon-grass mint tea. Very soothing and thirst quencher they gave that drink right before we arrived at the hotel! Now I am craving for that! We don’t actually have that much time to go around the hotel or even use the facilities since the party will start at 6-7pm that night and we just made it rushing, Lucky the condo is just around the corner haha! We checked-out early in the morning as well after we had our yummy breakfast so I only have this few photos of the hotel! Enjoy guys! x0x0

IMG_3379 saujana-hotel-pix

The lounge room where we had our yummy lemon grass mint tea!


My husband really like how they made up the bathrooms! Looks very romantic!


As you see in the first photos they have the big door opening looking outside while you’re lying down in their comfy bed! It’s a great idea indeed!

saujana-hotel-pix4 saujana-hotel-pix7

The first photo was, where we had our yummy breakfast! I had hips of salmon that time! Second photo is the great view right before you go out of the rooms!

saujana-hotel-pix1 saujana-hotel-pix6 saujana-hotel-pix5

Their gorgeous swimming pool! I know! I know! We have swimming pool as well here in Singapore but it’s just really nice seeing a very peaceful swimming pool, Very relaxing and inviting! The Club Saujana Resort is nestled amidst 160 hectares of lush tropical gardens and fringed by two 18-hole championship golf courses of The Saujana Golf and Country Club, which undeniably presents a haven for business and leisure travellers. Thanks guys! God bless! x0x0

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  1. a cozy place to be in. it has a marvelous interior as well as its exterior… relaxing. Yahweh bless.

  2. If you only want to unwind outside Philippines,
    a place like Malaysia is a good place to visit.

  3. wow, the interiors look very impressive. it’s those types of interiors that you just want to keep taking photos of just because they are so beautiful.

  4. The Saujana Hotel in KL is definitely a catch! I’ve always been a sucker for hotel interiors, and your photo of the bathroom and the outdoor pool swept me away! 🙂

  5. i wish i can also had that great opportunity to travel Malaysia, I have heard that it has lots of things to offer and just by reading your post makes me dream for more.

  6. Been to that place pero didn’t enjoy much kasi bata2 pa. I would love to go again and stay in that hotel 😀

  7. looks like you had a grand time, Kuala lumpur is one of the beautiful place me and my family wishes to travel.

    1. i did! many times already since it is just 45 minutes to fly from singapore to Kl I’VE BEEN there many time hehe hope you too! xx

  8. Looks like a very relaxing room. I love the bathroom too and the accents in the lounge room. Hahahah and like you, I also appreciate a nice pool even though I’ve been to so many 😀

  9. wow! this hotel is really beautiful, hopefully i get to visit this one day! 😉

  10. just WOW! i’m so in love with the modern interior of the bathroom and bedroom ♥ hahaha 😀
    i haven’t been to malaysia, i so envy you 😀

    1. dont envy me! I’m sure you’ve been to many place in the philippines i wanted to go too as well! xx

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