Have you ever been in a country and spent your time going around the place in just 24hours? Did you enjoyed all the things you captured in your camera and you have seen in 24hours? Can you actually see all the tourist-spots in 24 hours? Did you enjoy the party and the vibe of the city? Well I guess we all have a different experiences in terms of going around places we all have that different techniques on how to see and capture photos of a country or place in 24 hours. This time, My family and our friend Sarah enjoyed our 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You won’t believe how Sarah and I actually managed to have walked everywhere in 3inches high-heeled shoes. Enjoy the photos guys!


I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for so many times already. But since my father-in-law and my friend Sarah are both first timers visiting this lovely place, We have to walk all over again and capture a lot of photos that seemed to never end.  Petronas Tower and The Pavilion Crystal Fountain, It is the Tallest Liuli Crystal Fountain in Malaysia endorsed by The Malaysia Book of Records. I love how this fountain changes its colours! Watch this!

IMG_3310 24-hours-in-KL9

Guess who’s with us while walking around Bukit Bintan walk? Yeah! Never say never but Justin Bieber looking so cute standing in front of Sephora store. My daughter says she still likes the big teddies! haha

24-hours-in-KL3 24-hours-in-KL10

Of course! If you go to Bukit Bintan, You might want to go gaga and shopping overload! Guess who’s the shopaholic? haha You might want to read my previous post about shopping in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and This shopping experience also.


Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube? I know everyone’s high in this thong/slippers! But what can I say! It’s totally superb! You’re in 24 hours!


My daughter Playing in this life-size big size what ever you call this, She enjoyed the time at the party!


The first reason why we actually went to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is to attend The Man of the hour’s Birthday Mr. Ernie! woot! woot!


I know we look very drunk here! haha I won’t admit it! I have the evidence in my hands! The vodka girls ever! Well, we had some whiskey as well!


 The party!


Well, Hello there Boy! Where’s your clothes? haha!


Riding the KL’s Express Train going to the Airport and Monorail.


Have a cup of coffee at O’ Briens and some Cupcakes while waiting to Board the plane. I know it’s sounds very tiring and indeed everyone’s tired from this trip! But hey! It’s worth all the walking with high-heels and even we felt the so hot sun walking around Kuala Lumpur Malaysia we’re all very happy having the sweat! haha We enjoyed the whole 24 hours we spent walking around the city and partying with Mr. Ernie! Thank guys! God Bless! x0x0 n_____n

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