Every couple always dream of having a very unique signature wedding which every visitor would consider as unique and most memorable wedding that they have attended. Since most social networking site work as an avenue for crazy photo posts that create smile and amusement to your friends and relatives, it would probably be a good idea to create an amusing wedding by means of creating one of a kind hairstyle for an adventurous and fashionable bride. Here are five unique and kind of wacky but fashionable hairstyles which might give you an inspiration for an adventurous, funny, unique yet artistic wedding.

1. Use Twists and Buns ñ Oh yes, the classical and simple French twist has always been one of the most picked hairstyle for modest brides. Since the fashion world has started to introduce the exploration beyond limitations, humongous buns and twist hairstyles have been used in several runway events for wedding galas.

2. Use Curls ñ What about the idea of creating genuine tribal princess image for a bride?? Tiny curls that look like instant noodles create an African princess Image that perfect for a bride who would want to have an exotic look on her wedding day.

3. Put on Huge Head Dresses ñ Big head pieces such as cocktail hats, veils, any many more makes haute couture inspired image for the bride. Though this image sometimes makes a bride look like a huge white Christmas tree when overdone, it creates a good sense of looking like an elitist as most royal weddings styles include the use of head dresses. As a trivia, they say that the bigger the headdress you wear on a wedding ceremony, the higher is your rank in the social circle. Thus, if you would want to look like a royal bride, start forgetting about looking like a Christmas tree and start hunting for the most humongous and fashionable head piece now.

4. Go Natural ñ Some people claim that being natural makes someone look pale and plain but I would say that going back to the nature on your wedding day will surely make you look as stunning as a paradise princess. For a great and natural hairstyle, hair stylist should consider using fresh flowers and leaves to create that ìAu Naturalleî look for the bride.

5. Wear Tiaras, headbands or crowns ñ A true fairytale wedding has a prince and princess saying I do in front of an altar. To come up with a wedding theme similar to this, it is a must to make the bride look and feel like a princess. Thus, tiaras and crowns as part of her hairstyle will surely make her look elegant and majestic.

Having all these suggested hairstyle for a bride-to-be would simply make you worth remembering as your one of a kind beauty would be enhanced through these fashionable hairstyles.

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