Another weekends with the kids and we decided to go and have fun all day long in West Coast Park Which is just like 5minutes away from where we live. We actually prefer to visit this place more often because it is more nearer than East Coast Park and more playgrounds fun and activities for the kids. Though, They didn’t have bicycles available around. So you might wanna bring your own! They have the pedal go-kart shop somewhere but we heard that it’s actually very expensive! Like 12sgd. for only 30minutes. I don’t think that’s really worth it haha! It is indeed very expensive.

IMG_2972 IMG_2989 lion-dance20 IMG_2905 lion-dance21 lion-dance23

Mommy long legs! haha!


The super friends!! Sarah is not present though, She plays volleyball every sunday that’s why! hehe


After the long day having fun at West Coast park we all had our yummy McDonald’s of course! Enjoying their happy meal with free Madagascar toys! That was indeed a very long day and very tiring for all of us specially for the kids! Lots of laugh and fun! All day long! THanks guys! God BLess x0x0

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19 thoughts on “KID’S AT WEST COAST PARK

  1. The pictures can attest that it was indeed a fun weekend! Oh, spending time with kids never fails to be a joy. 🙂

  2. To be a kid again! Good that these kids still go and play at the park, and not play online games all day indoors. 🙂

  3. I wanna be kids again. Hehehe. just playing around and enjoying the whole day with all my friends…..

  4. Kids at work! They’re just fun to look at. Kind’a relieves stress, doesn’t it? 🙂

  5. Awwww I miss being a kid! Dati simple lang talaga ang buhay. It gets complicated as you get older. 😀

  6. Spending time with the kids is truly enjoyable and the kids value this time spent with them.

  7. wow! such adorable kids! I love the park, looks such a happy place 🙂
    mommy-kid bondings on a sunday is really a good idea!

  8. East Coast Park is a great place for outdoor activity. I’ve run, biked and even tried the wake board in the lake. It’s also a nice place for Picnic.

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