Hi guys! Will be updating the “OOTD thing” here in my blog of some of my previous outfit shots before. Remember my Sister’s at Singapore Zoo blog post? Yeah! I’ve got some few shots that time taken my by sister Grace. I’m not wearing something glamorous, Instead, I opt to wear something much more comfortable since we’re gonna be at the Zoo the whole time. But who says you need to look ugly while you’re at the Zoo trying to be not scared and be so friendly with the animals? You guys can go wear simple and comfortable clothes!! Just mix and match and you’re ready to go! Enjoy the photos! x0x0 =D


IMG_21501 IMG_21531

Can you guess who’s the famous blogger/s who loves to pose like this? I bet you guys really know!!


Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

Minni Mouse top from Ms. Kristi Stepp! Thanks!

Leggings from Bugis Street

Bag from Bali

Flat Shoes: Cotton On

Watch: Swatch


Hello KFC! Pwede na ba maging endorser? haha!


Anyways, I am so happy that I chose the right clothes to go in the Zoo! I am thinking of wearing a      1 1/2 inch heels that time but since the weather was changing so badly I chose this type of colours and flats shoes to make it more safe if ever the weather will still be in a bad mood the whole day. Well the Zoo Day went well and I’m so happy that my sisters liked it and enjoyed the trip so much! Read my Sister’s at Singapore Zoo Post here.

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40 thoughts on “#OOTD: MINNIE AT THE ZOO!

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  2. Yeah! Pwede na maging endorser. Hehehe. I enjoyed my visit at Singapore Zoo. Anyway, dami talaga great pieces sa Bugis. Hehe. Noks Sosa I SiningFactory.com

  3. Simply fab and loved your poses hihi. I’m sure the animals are gazing on your lovely leggings, I just noticed on the last photo that they have different designs 🙂

    It’s Weng from FBW 🙂

    1. i love cotton on too! they always have low prices clothes and accessories! xx

  4. You definitely have to wear comfy clothes to the zoo, especially large zoos like SIngapore Zoo, since it requires a lot of walking.

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