As I’ve said to my previous post SINGAPORE SCIENCE CENTRE. I will be posting photos from Snow City Singapore. But I just wanted to know you guys that I didn’t took these photos. Snow City won’t allow people or visitors to bring their own cameras inside. You must put all your stuff inside their lockers which will you insert 1sgd coin to open and leave your things and get the locker key. They have their own photographer’s inside that you can call if ever you wanted to have lots of photos inside. But of course it will cost you money for those photos they took for you. They give you a small piece of paper with the photo numbers so you know what numbers your photos when you collect it outside.

Snow city will provide all the clothing’s but you must wear

The place is pretty small and doesn’t look so awesome for me. When you get in the main door of the snow chamber they have the small kiddie snow slide and mini playground with a small house. Then you proceed to the next door which you will see the big Snow man, Santa’s cabin lodge, Snow jet ski ride (I think that’s how you call them), a cable car, And a huge slide which is the best part of snow city for me. I tried the slide like many times and acting like a child sliding and laughed my heart out of joyousness. Other part of the snow city was under construction that time. I think it was the big Ice castle  with slide that they’re renovating. I’ve been to snow city like 3 times maybe. It’s worth the visit for those people who would like to feel how cold snow is and wanted to experience a winter wonderland in the summer heat in tropical asia. But I guess If you’ve been to a place where there’s snow, You won’t need one! haha! But it’s everyone’s choice! This is just my opinion. I enjoyed the slide! So why not!? Right? Thanks guys! God Bless X0x0 =D

Visit their Website for more details and how you can get a deal ticket with the SCIENCE CENTRE SINGAPORE which is just a walk away from SNOW CITY.

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