Hi guys! Just a super quick outfit post I wore when we had a kids movie night bonding! I’m not really sure if this is a movie night outfit but I just wanted to wear my new Aldo shoes that time. Well, Of course it is naturally super-duper cold inside the movie house so I brought along my scarf/sarong which I have in my bag whenever I go outside. I can just use it in many ways and so helpful for me specially when I have emergencies or something.

I opt to a big bun up-do and seriously if I make my hair a bun it is really a big bun since I have this super thick and plus a long hair as well. So I won’t be needing the help of DIY-ish sock bun or the donut bun you put inside your hair to make it big when you rolled it around. Sorry for the super pale-ish look in the photos also. I look like a zombie haha!

What I’m wearing:

Earrings from Thailand

Necklace and Leggings from Bugis Street

Top from India

Bag from my mom!

Shoes from Aldo


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55 thoughts on “#OOTD: BLACK AND PRINTS

  1. oh to be slim like you…hahaha, the last time I was that thin I think I was no longer eating…hahahah. BTW, I love the books and the bookcase 🙂

  2. The ensemble was okay, until I saw the sandals. It was a bit too much since there was already a lot going on on top with the prints and the colors of the accessories. JMHO

  3. You don’t look like a zombie. You look gorgeous! 😀 Loving that crazy pair of shoes!!! 😀 Wish I had hair as nice as yours 😀

  4. Fashion is for everyone. Franco is right, as long as you are comfy with it…go girl !!! 😀

  5. love the outfit sis!! 😀 I love the shoooessss.. it’s sooo unique! and I love the prints on it <3

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