Last week I’ve been thinking hard enough  how to organise my jewellery which is everywhere inside my closet. They’re every where invading my really small piece of closet haha! So I went to the mall or anywhere else thinking a lot of things and possibilities of how I’m going to do and start this project that won’t hurt my pocket or my wallet. Something that I can make faster better and I can do myself and just something I can see around the house. So I won’t worry enough for too much space as well. So since I want something that I can hang, Of course the only thing I can think of is Hangers!

We have bunch of hangers and so I tried  to make this thing more DIY-ish. I found my old hoodie from my old gym top that I cut off long time ago and wrap it around the hanger.  No sewing needed or anything more complicated! It fits like that! I thought of putting a small piece of clothes or a long scarf to just hang into the hanger and put the earrings as I’ve been seeing all over the internet. But I’m just so lucky I did this one very easy and No sweat!

Oh! Before I forgot! I found this old mug holder of ours as well under the sink cabinet and thought I could use it too as my bangles or bracelet organiser! And I did! Looks amazing huh!? I can never be more happier seeing my things so organised now. Looking forward to a more collection of jewellery when we move in Malaysia. Maybe I will get those real earrings and bangles organiser so I can put a lot of my jewellery and look much more nicer too haha! Thanks guys! God Bless x0x0 =D

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