Last week I’ve been thinking hard enough  how to organise my jewellery which is everywhere inside my closet. They’re every where invading my really small piece of closet haha! So I went to the mall or anywhere else thinking a lot of things and possibilities of how I’m going to do and start this project that won’t hurt my pocket or my wallet. Something that I can make faster better and I can do myself and just something I can see around the house. So I won’t worry enough for too much space as well. So since I want something that I can hang, Of course the only thing I can think of is Hangers!

We have bunch of hangers and so I tried  to make this thing more DIY-ish. I found my old hoodie from my old gym top that I cut off long time ago and wrap it around the hanger.  No sewing needed or anything more complicated! It fits like that! I thought of putting a small piece of clothes or a long scarf to just hang into the hanger and put the earrings as I’ve been seeing all over the internet. But I’m just so lucky I did this one very easy and No sweat!

Oh! Before I forgot! I found this old mug holder of ours as well under the sink cabinet and thought I could use it too as my bangles or bracelet organiser! And I did! Looks amazing huh!? I can never be more happier seeing my things so organised now. Looking forward to a more collection of jewellery when we move in Malaysia. Maybe I will get those real earrings and bangles organiser so I can put a lot of my jewellery and look much more nicer too haha! Thanks guys! God Bless x0x0 =D

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  1. Parehas tayo ng diskarte teh! Although nagbawas nako ng accessories.. but I still use the same methods for storing my stuff. 🙂

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  3. Pretty it! There’s this jewelry organizer that ive been wanting to buy from a home store but it’s so expensive. Around 2500 ata. It’s made of canvass with 40 pockets back to back. I’ll make one nalang! 🙂

  4. I read this before from this site too! lol!.. I think I should post my DIY jewelry organizer too! great idea!

  5. Good initiative…. This is a great help to those who are very kikay…ehehehe…very resourceful, huh….

  6. You are resourceful. I love the ideas. Actually I saw accessories holder online like in a form of shirt with lots of compartments. All you have to do is use a hanger to hang it then insert your stuff in there.

  7. I love the idea o using the old mug holder. Really nice. I would definitely get one of this in the malls. Haha!

    1. hahha try it again deaR! I had a hard time sticking the clothes to the hanger though haha xx

  8. Cool! The creativity of a person will make one free from limitations.
    You know, keeping things organized makes abode fresh and unwinding too.

  9. This would be a large help for those with jewelries as this would keep it organized and avoid missing jewelries.

  10. Those are nice jewelry organizers. You’re very creative. I love the wood stand for bracelets.

  11. Oooh very creative!

    We are currently decluttering our home; it’s simply the old story of some stuff, you simply hold onto than other stuff, but they simply don’t serve their original purpose anymore.

    I find what you did to two holders of your accessories ingenious and inspirational! I’ll keep my eyes open on how I can recycle the stuff we don’t want to bin but whose original purpose has long diminish.

  12. Very clever! I’m also using an old mug holder for my bangles, rings and headbands 🙂

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  14. Oh how creative! I once used cup holders as bracelet holders too. Haha. But never thought of using hangers.

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  16. DIY accessories and other stuff are getting popular. Best about DIY is that you can personalize and design a unique craft.

  17. Your resourcefulness and creativity help you a lot in organizing your jewelry in place. Good job!

  18. That’s good! Jewelry owners should really learn how to organize their stuff para mas madaling hanapin at maganda sa paningin! Nice!

  19. I am not a huge fan of jewelries but I commend you for being so creative. Gandang collectible items din yan for girls…

  20. I wish I too could make ordinary things look this fabulous. Love what you did with the hanger 🙂

  21. how creative! will take note of this kapag may time na ko. sayang yung mga jewelry ko nakakalat lang din.

  22. Creative and resourceful. I hope I can also find a creative way to organize my things. Among the things I rarely do is to maintain a clean and tidy area.

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