This story supposed to be the so-called part 2 of going around Singapore with Allan and Fay for days they had their stopped over after visiting The Great Pyramids. Such a lucky couple indeed Despite their  age, Both of them can walk more faster than I can, and I’m having this thought that they don’t get tired haha! Well, For the past days we’re all together walking and walking and walking. I haven’t seen them feel so tired and neither I have seen them ate that much as we do whenever we go different places. They always just have some snacks, a burger, coffee and a toast! Indeed I am so amazed! I guess only few people in this generation can do that. Never get tired and don’t eat much either. Anyways, After the nice sightseeing we did at Marina Bay Sands, We took a taxi and went to Chinatown and Arab Street. I toured my sister before in Arab street here as well. So you might wanna check it out also! Enjoy the photos! xoxo


 Chinatown MRT.


My sister’s, Ashlee and I going gaga over the Chinese Zodiac necklaces.


Allan and Fay checking out some interesting things around.


Say Hi to my sister’s hair! haha! I am so proud that my husband and I did her hair colouring! Well, I admit I really don’t know how to colour someone’s else’s hair but it looks good! Don’t you love this store as well? It looks very colourful!


Snakes and others things inside the big jars that you can see in Chinatown. Spotted the tiger balm?

IMG_1987 IMG_1998 lion-dance15

Religious Temples around Chinatown as well! They all look amazing!


A Mosque in Arab Street.


They sell a lot of gorgeous fabrics, carpets, Beads, sequins and a lot of things in Arab Street. This is the place to go as well if you want to taste other foods from Israel and other part of the world. My husband and I loves the Turkish Restaurants here. You can try the shisha or Hookah as well haha!


After another long walk we all stopped and had some rest in the nearest 7-eleven store we found in Arab Street and had some of this yummy magnum! Perfect for a hot weather!


Haji Lane.


So there it is! I hope you guys enjoyed the photos a lot! If I could just put all the photos I took that time so I can share with you  guys and at the same you can have a tour as well I will do it haha! But of course a lot of blogpost will come with some good ole’ photos right? I will post our Day trip to Johore Bahru as well as soon as I find some time to seriously sit down here again in front of my laptop. Till next posts fam! Thanks much! GOd Bless xoxo =D





  1. Nothing excites me more thank exploring new places. Kahit matanda na siguro ako bet ko pa din maglakwacha, haha! 😀 Would love to visit this someday! 🙂

  2. I remember buying keychains and paperweights in Chinatown. They were like, 3 for $10 back then. 🙂

  3. I bought a lot of glass pendants in Chinatown. This post brings back memories of my Singapore trip ; )


  4. oh my, before i got to read about your sister’s hair, i really wanted to ask what color and brand you used for it.
    when i’m in a new place, i’m seriously restless. i could go on forever! 🙂

  5. Looks like you had a blast together with Allan and Fay. Almost everywhere yata in the world has that stalls of accessories and souvenirs.

  6. I’d love to visit Singapore and do some shopping too!… and mmm, I haven’t tried Magnum yet.. lol!

  7. I love the store selling those different kind of accessories and stuff. I have never been to Singapore, sad , but i hope to visit there someday

  8. Sayang it was raining when we went to Chinatown, we just went straight to the food court where Tian Tian is!

  9. My wife would be coming to Singapore to attend a seminar for a week. I’ll tell her to go there to buy some stuff for me. 😀

  10. Love the captures! Very nice and colorful..Hope to visit the same place soon : )

  11. I’ve been to Singapore twice but haven’t gone around Chinatown yet — I kept putting it off. :/

  12. China Town is one of the best place to buy souvenirs in SIngapore. It’s cheap and you can haggle for lower prices.

  13. Can you take me there too? I love the colorful store you talked about. I want to hoard all sorts of bracelets. I can’t believe you and your husband did your sister’s hair. I love the color!!! I want my hair to be that color too as I keep saying Hahahha :)) I cant imagine walking so much then not eating a lot as well. Hahahaha walking makes me hungry 🙂

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