Heya! Hello guys! Sorry for being MIA again this time I’ve been doing a lot of things at the moment and got sick. I had this very weird tummy ache and my left leg got swollen for some sort of reason I don’t know. But everything’s fine now, still trying to recover though, because I need to go back in track  running again and go back to my regular gym session. So for my blog post today, Will be posting our last-minute shopping haul at H&M last time when my lovely sister’s were here in Singapore. So enjoy the haul photos guys!


Animal printed Maxi dress at H&M.


I bought this two colourful tank tops and socks @ H&M for some colour changing in my closet haha!


Sister’s Shoes from H&M.


Neon shoes from H&M. First ever neon shoes I have! I want more! haha!


This one is my sister’s as well. Looks like a snake skin bag, Not so sure.


Bought this bag pack/stroller bag for my small sister who’s in grade 5th now. Since they have hips of books to bring to school everyday, She needs a much stronger bag like this. Otherwise, My mom will buy bags again and again and again.


A small black flower clip from H&M.

new-pix2 IMG_2507

While my sister and I spazzing around H&M, My husband brought the kids to ToysRus and bought this Barbie doll for our daughter Ashlee and bought the Acer laptop as well for my youngest sister Rose.

IMG_2446 new-pix11 new-pix3 IMG_24141

As all you know, My sister’s in love with voodoo dolls, skulls and everything creepy and scary as the thing will look. She bought the Skull necklace with changing lights in Singapore Zoo/Night Safari. She’s pretty amazed that it changes colour! haha! Bought the skull scarf in Little India together with this cutie patootie Voodoo dolls. My sister is a witch I’d say… My mom won’t go in her room since it is full of creepy stuffs. Hope you enjoyed this small last-minute haul!! Till next posts! God bless xoxo





  1. OMG!! I’m drooling over your H&M Neon sandals!!! 😀 I’ve been dying to have that too!!!! <3 <3 <3 love it Mary!! 😀 love this haul 🙂

    1. aww! thanks dear! hehe buti nga my size ulit aq bumlk aq mga twi sa H&M nung una wla aqng size buti ngkrun hehe xx

  2. whoa! neon shoes!! couldn’t see myself wearing one in my lifetime! lol! excited to see your outfit with them!.. generous hubby of yours! and.. your sister’s sooo unique! gotta love her!

  3. The pair of neon shoes imparts a vibrancy that makes me want to wear those. Then I’m suddenly reminded that I have to wear men’s shoes. :))

  4. So cool! I only have tank tops and shirts in my closet! I enjoyed the photos!

    Rizza (beingwell)

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  6. The neon shoes are just adorable!!!! OH MY GOD! They are sooo nice! hahahah I can’t wait to see you wear them in an outfit of the day post. You should definitely tag me when you do post it. I want one too! hehe Your husband’s so sweet to your sisters. You are very lucky 😀

    1. aww! i haven’t wear them yet too bad for me! been busy at home too! haha muah! xx

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