My two sisters got so wild inside the Singapore Zoo last time they were here. Rain or shine, Whatever weather it was, No saying no to the idea of visiting the wild beasts, I mean friendly animals around Singapore Zoo. I had my time scheduled already the day before and visited their website for the other things that we can do in the Zoo. A lot of shows that you can see inside but be sure to schedule everything so you won’t missed it.


The White Tiger walking around, Thinking some sort of plan how to jump of the water and escape haha!! Just kidding!

IMG_2027 IMG_2028-1024x682

Finally, My sister Rose encountered this lovely kangaroos!! She was really excited to see them!

IMG_2036 IMG_2054

The first show you wouldn’t want to miss when you visit Singapore Zoo is the Elephants of Asia! Watch the video here: ELEPHANTS OF ASIA

IMG_2082 IMG_2095 IMG_2110

Right after the Elephants of Asia finished their show next stop was Rainforest fights back! Watch the video here: RAINFOREST FIGHTS BACK! 


This is Ah Meng.

Ah Meng (circa 18 June 1960 – 8 February 2008) A female Sumatran Orangutan and a tourism icon of Singapore. She was smuggled from Indonesia and kept illegally as a domestic pet before being recovered by a veterinarian in 1971. She was then eleven years old and was given a home at the Singapore Zoo.

Ah Meng was the head of her small clan, which lives in a large enclosure with about twenty other orangutans. She had five children and became a grandmother in 1990.

She belonged to the Sumatran Orangutan species, a rarer breed of orangutan now critically endangered due to illegal logging and poaching. There are about only 7,500 Sumatran Orangutans left in the wild in the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia. Ah Meng died on 8 February 2008. (Credits/Source:)

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Of course! kids wouldn’t enjoy the whole Zoo thing if they won’t see a single playground right? In Singapore Zoo, They have this whole one place tacked-in together! With huge playground and a swimming pool for everyone! So don’t forget to bring your swimsuits!! While kids are having fun, Parents can eat inside Ben&jerry’s or KFC which is located right in front of the swimming pool! So you guyskcan have some rest as well!

IMG_2214 IMG_22171 Naked mole rats!

IMG_2228 IMG_2232


IMG_2237 IMG_2238


IMG_2242 IMG_2243

The Cheetah’s! Girl’s favourites haha!

IMG_22891 IMG_2288

I bet you like their toilets as well! haha

IMG_23151 IMG_2323 IMG_23181 IMG_23271

Enjoyed the amazing Singapore Zoo trip with my sister’s! I’ve been to Singapore Zoo like gazillion times but I’m still enjoying it there whenever I go for a visit with friends or relatives! If you guys are on a budget, You might wanna bring your own Baon or your own foods to eat and some snacks for your kids too! Trash cans are everywhere inside the Zoo So be sure to find them and don’t leave your trash anywhere!

Opening Hours
8.30am to 6.00pm daily
(Last ticket sale at 5.30pm)Adult S$20.00
Child (3 to 12 years old) S$13.00*
All prices include 7% GST
Prices quoted are subject to change
* Admission for child below 3 years old is free. School groups are to pre-register with the Education department.
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38 thoughts on “SISTER’S AT SINGAPORE ZOO! + video

  2. I’ve never been to a real zoo.Would love to get there someday! 🙂 Or maybe later this year.

  3. love your captures! would definitely love to visit this zoo soon..
    the elephants are so cute!!

  4. Visiting the zoo is a good activity for kids and adults alike. it’s a great way to learn and unwind at the same time.

  5. I like to visit a wild life safari rather than a zoo.. 🙂 its more fun when you’re on the real habitat.

  6. I love roaming around the zoo and mingling with friendly animals. Visited lots of zoos already inside and outside Manila 🙂 But still looking for more time to blog about them.

  7. omg! amazing place. hope to visit there someday.. sarap mag-bond w/ family nian.

  8. when i went there, yes, i was truly amazed with the toilets! i really liked the sinks too!
    seeing the naked mole rats really made me shiver because they look so wrinkled. 😮

  9. It’s been more than 5 years since I’ve been to any zoo. I need to convince my wife to go there with our daughter. ^_^

  10. The naked mole rats looked disgusting!!!! Eeeeekk!!! hahahaha 😀 I was touched by Ah Meng’s story. It sounded like something from a movie. The white tiger is a beautiful animal! I am in awe of it! hehehe You guys look like you had so much fun. I think I’ll enjoy as much as you guys did too! 😀 By the way, I love your sister’s red hair. When I become braver, I’ll have my hair dyed red too 😀

    1. hi mich!!my sisters hair was like that red but we coloured it more lighter if I’m not mistaken the colour was sparkling blonde kinda like tricia gosingtians colour hair. it was fantastic! i colored her hair by the way hahaha! xx

  11. i love zoos and safaris… I would love to personally see that white tiger… it looks amazing and magnificent

  12. I’ve visited the Singapore Zoo though at night time for the night safari. It’s one of the more complete Zoos I’ve bee to.

    1. Ive been to night safari as well whenever we have visitors here in singapore i opt to bring them to both zoo’s! thanks po! xx

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