After the adults cycling session in Pulau Ubin, I will be sharing today the fun activities of our little kiddies they had last time at East Coast Park Singapore. The adults planned to bring the kids where they can ride their own bicycles. We went first to have some lunch at Burger King where we had some french fries, burgers, ice creams and thirst quencher cokes! After the eating session and all their tummy was full, They’re all ready to rent their own bikes! We paid 6 dollar each for a kids bike and 13 dollars for a mountain bike/ adults bike. Well, Since we have kids to accompany the whole time, We had to walk with them while they’re riding their bikes! A bit of exercise for us that day! haha! It’s like were having some sort of parade but we managed and everyone’s safe. Enjoy the Photos below! xx


At Burger King having some lunch!


Some sort of parade in the middle of somewhere! haha!




My sister Grace with her mountain bike.


The girls having something to eat. L-R Isabel, Ashlee and Sylvia.


Leanne and my youngest sister Mary Rose.


Ms. Nelia, Me, and Maricris! I look very comfy here…


My sister Grace and me.


Mary Rose and Ashlee holding their hands.


Time’s up! The girl’s gave back their bikes & put it into place.


Hurray! for the yummy ice creams after the long walk!


Cheers everyone! Kids enjoying their Popsicles/ ice creams.


Ms. Sarah and Ms. Nelia

IMG_1682 IMG_1629 IMG_1598
Adult moments! haha!


Unexpected tag-of-war with the kids by the beach!

IMG_1594 IMG_1597 IMG_1680

We all enjoyed the activities we did that time! They enjoyed riding their own bikes, tag-of-war, foods, and playing in the sand by the beach! We surely and definitely going to plan another activities like this with the kids! It’s very tiring but it’s totally worth it! Thanks guys! God Bless! xoxo

Enjoy this small video clip I did guys! Watch the kids enjoying their bikes! xx

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  2. $13 for a mountain bike sound a lot like fun. I like the girls holding hands while biking.

    1. hihi yeah they all look so cute! @google-29c62277d1d59638c542eab1e277996a:disqus thanks! xx

  3. It must be challenging to be away from home. But glad to see that you are having fun there and really enjoying it.

  4. Those kids are so adorable and just merely looking at these photos make me wish to bring my kids to park and have some fun just like you all did. 🙂

  5. Been here and I am loving the place so much. Nagbicycle din kami. hehe. I always remember this palce kasi dito ako unang nakakain ng sting ray. yay! yummy! 🙂

    1. aww! i’ve been trying so hard to try at least once before d ko kya haha good for you then! @3dbb9ea12906928425a6bb0b37a667c0:disqus xx

  6. Lovely little angels obviously enjoying the bike ride..they surely had fun and it is one healthy activity to shut the overly addictive console games which are not good by the way. Nice photos too…and before I forget, the mommies are enjoying equally.

  7. Looks like a great day for all 🙂

    East coast park is really a good place for family and kids. I miss biking there 🙂

  8. The faces were clear manifestation of happiness. Apart from that, it’s a good exercise. And did I tell you that the kids were adorable?

  9. Biking is really good for the kids and for adults as well, an exercise and entertainment.

  10. Awwww… the kids looked like they really enjoyed their bike time. 🙂 Wish I knew about the east coast and their bike offerings.. I would’ve tried it out too. 🙂

  11. Wow! These kids are sooo cute plus they have bikes! HAHA! How I wish I’d learn how to ride a bike. I never learned 🙁

    1. geez! one of my friends just started how to ride bikes u shud too! is not too late dear! xx

  12. I also was able to bike at East Coast Park and also did the wake boarding in the lake.

  13. These kids are adorable! Seeing them makes me remember my nieces in the Philippines. It’s really fun biking (a fun way of healthy activity) I hope I could also do biking someday. 😀

  14. biking is such a wonderful activity and exercise. 🙂
    the beach looks so good din, miss mary jane 🙂

  15. just wondering why some kids are not wearing helmets.

    i’m an active biker and would love to try mountain biking in Singapore.

    1. one of them is my daughter i know i shudve brought hers but the fact they don’t drive fast and their bikes were all small with 4 wheels i guess its not dangerous at all! thanks po xx

  16. This looks like tons of fun! I really enjoyed looking at the photos because looking at kids smile makes me smile too. 🙂 By the way, I love your leggings. I’ve been wanting one since I first saw it on my friend. 🙂 You and your sisters are all lovely girls. 🙂

    1. hi dear! i must’ve have bought my leggings in bugis! if i could find one then i will get one for ya! will message u for your address. thanks for dropping by! xx =D

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