My two sisters arrived in Singapore last week of April for a good vacation before my youngest sister Mary Rose starts her class this June. My Sister Mary Grace, 21 this July, Been here in Singapore and Malaysia as well many times already. Mary Rose 10 this December, it’s her first time travelling in a foreign country, First time in Singapore and visited Malaysia just yesterday. The other day Mary Grace and I tried putting her my false eyelashes since she was very curious before how it feels like and wanted to learn as well how to put it. I bought it before but never use it.

But as how the story goes, I wasn’t content that time that I actually asked her to put my leather dress on, huge ribbons and my favourite Spikey heels for a bit of photos. Then she started posing for me. Took 60+ photos of her and I guess all the photos looks good for me. I am not a professional photographer or even not a professional stylists but this is how all the day went after we did the small photo shoot in our house. Indeed my sister rocked my leather dress! Wishing I have the same gorgeous legs also! haha!



IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1781 IMG_1790 IMG_1795

Bought the necklace in Bugis Junction.


Bought this Spikey shoes code DAS24 in Philippines from the two gorgeous’ Bhagwandas sisters. Visit their FACEBOOK PAGE for more information on how to order this lovely shoes!



Close-up of how we made her eyes with a simple eyeliner and falsies. I guess it looks fine though. Not too bad for someone like us whose first-timers haha!

photo-22 Photo-on-19-05-12-at-4.04-PM-2

 I hope you guys liked it and enjoyed our small photo-sessions that time! Above is our photo together last year in front of Orchard Road. I will be blogging about my sisters trip here in Singapore in the next coming days and how everything went so well after all the super tiring day we did the whole month they’d stay here. More good photos coming very soon! Thanks for reading! God bless xoxo

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  1. wow!!! your sister is gorgeous!! 🙂 love her shoot! the photos are great!! and the shoes!! it’s to die for!! 😀

  2. Your sister did rock that outfit!!! Love the necklace.. where did you buy it? 🙂

  3. I love the idea of the big ribbon its look awesome.and i love the heels they’re very pretty.

  4. OVERALL impression…
    9 out of 10!
    Not bad. The photos look so
    gorgeous like your model sister Mary Grace.
    The outfit from the ribbon down to the shoes
    just fit her perfectly.

  5. she looked good even with those big ribbons! the shoes rock!!! great photos!

  6. you are both beautiful! and i agree the ribbon is HUGE, the heels are HIGH and her legs are GORGEOUS! my fave photo is No. 5 showing the leather dress in full with the necklace!!

  7. we were there in Singapore from May 20-22.

    Both the model and photographer looks professional! (and gorgeous too)

  8. OH WOW. Ang ganda ng sister mo! Na-starstruck ako.
    And maganda ang styling, fierce na fierce. 🙂

  9. Great photos! . . . and the shoes, it can be a weapon as well if need arises. 🙂

  10. Your sister is gorgeous!!! I love the leather dress. I want one. I have a thing for leather. hahaha Where did you get the dress? The shoes too are fab! I’m definitely clicking on that link and checking that store out. 😀

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