Tạm biệt (Goodbye) – VIETNAM

There is a point where everything has to end. But not blogging or anything that I’m fond of! Of course! Just saying that telling the stories and blogging about our great Vietnam trip has to end here. But hoping to visit again when all of our friend is up for another long and winding road trip! Sure is we all need a vacation like this one. It’s all about the bonding, relaxing, enjoying the great views of the new places and trying out a lot of things that I’ve never think I would try ever in my life. I’m such a lucky one to be travelling with my family whenever we need one. Oh! T?m bi?t means Goodbye in Vietnamese.

IMG_0907 IMG_0911 IMG_0909

Welcome to Lang Biang Mountain. Yeah you can see it right above the photos is a zebra (maybe). The place is a good tourists spots indeed. It’s not just us who arrived there that late afternoon. But a lot of tourists as well riding buses and vans. Say hello to the cowboys! Yeeha!

IMG_0924 IMG_0929 IMG_0932 IMG_0934 IMG_0937

Lang Biang mountain. The 1,900m peak is reachable by a steep paved path, ideal for a 3 hours hike, or you can ride in a jeep for 40,000d. Also visit the minorities village under the mountain foot. After the scary jeep ride going up to this mountain I can’t believe that I’m still alive. The jeeps seems to be really old already and even the drivers looks like trying to rest after the war happened in Vietnam. haha! Just kidding! But riding those jeeps and seeing those jeep drivers really look dang scary!! Seriously!

IMG_0946 IMG_0951

Very happy to see Mimi and my Daughter Ashlee happily playing together even though it so cold up there haha!


Hurray! For the mother and daughter tandem!! woot! woot! I Would’ve wear pink jacket as well haha!

IMG_0924 IMG_0965

I know I looked too cold and I admit it! It’s funny how every time I looked at Mimi and Ashlee and they don’t even seem to feel the coldness at all.


Another family shot!! Just loved it!

IMG_0966 IMG_0952

Solo pictures of me! I did some naughty photos together with those wood-carved statue above but I don’t have that much powers to post them here! They’re too naughty to see haha!

IMG_0992 IMG_1004 IMG_1015

Finished the day with this lovely People living in the mountains. I admit that I never understand a thing the whole time of the show. Because no one translate it to english. Even my Vietnamese friend Anna didn’t get the message much as they were using deep Vietnamese words that maybe old people can only  understand. Though, my husband looks he had so much fun drinking this really nice Alcoholic drink that according to my husband, it taste like Sake Japanese drink. Allan and Mr. Long enjoyed traditional dancing. The whole show sounds really funny to me though, I can’t understand anything, Sure is I really enjoyed all the time We’ve been travelling in Da Lat Vietnam. Nothing beats good company, good food, and really nice place to stay with the whole time of relaxation. A good time and a lot of good memories to remember with each passing day. Till next post guys! Thanks for reading my blog! God bless! xoxo

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32 thoughts on “Tạm biệt (Goodbye) – VIETNAM

  1. i really looove your blog, i just discovered it:) and of course i’m following now.
    i was in langbiang too, about 4 years ago:) nice to meet another vietnamese blogger xx

    1. aww! thanks for folowing dear! I am not vietnamese though, i have frends dear so most of the time we chose to explore vietnam and thailand where we know some locals to entertain us and very helpful too! I love vietnam dear! its lovely! xx

  2. Great place and you captured the vast horizon.
    You’re like on top of the highest mountain.

  3. Hahahaha maybe your husband was drinking lambanog! 😀 who knows, right? 😀 And yes, you do look cold! You need a parka or something. hahaha Kids don’t seem to mind the cold as long as they’re having fun. Hahaha 😀

  4. you have a great view  of the city from where you were standing… taas nga.  and zebra ung ginagawa nilang kabayo… it something that i want to try… haha.  thanks for sharing. Yahweh bless.

  5. What an experience! It must be such an enriching adventure for the kids to join the natives in their cultural presentation. 

  6. a trip worth remembering for sure!.. and another trip coming up? love the family bonding!:)

  7. I bet you indeed has a nice time with this Vietnam trip, such rare opportunity.

  8. Indeed! You are lucky to have the opportunity to travel. Not everybody has that luck as yours. 

  9. Wish I can visit Vietnam soon.. 😀 I’d love to explore their cuisine and immerse myself in another culture.. ^^ Anyway, love the photos sis! Lang Biang and the view from the mountain look so beautiful!

  10. i want to visit vietnam next time 🙂 Heard a lot of interesting places and affordable food finds here! 🙂 

  11. With the beauty I am seeing at your photos, I will never say
    Tạm biệt to vietnam! Mukang gusto kong bumalik-balik 🙂

  12. I will be going to Vietnam this year — hopefully, I’d get to save enough money to go up the mountains as well. 🙂

    1. sure dear! long ride to go up here though we’re just lucky to have such really nice vietnamese friends. hehe One of our vietnamese friend let us borrow his car whenever we go there hihi

  13. I haven’t visited a foreign country. Reading this post made me consider Vietnam to be the first.

  14. the mountaintop view is gorgeous! the cityscape below looks stunning. Thiệt khó tin!

  15. Another beautiful views from Vietnam. Like the Philippines, this country is so endowed with magnificent natural beauty, breathtaking scenery. 

    Thanks for sharing these photos. They are all lovely.

  16. The place looks great. Those life-size wooden statues are cool but a bit scary for me hehe.

  17. i just have to say this : i love your scarf !
    you and your daughter look really alike. so pretty. 🙂
    sensing how high the place is, parang nakakatakot. @_@

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