After tasting the sweetest and freshest strawberries from Da lat Vietnam also known as Le Petit Paris, We then, explored the gorgeous ever Love lake. It was like a wonderland for me and for the two kids Mimi and Ashlee who enjoyed their Horse back riding around the Love Lake. They have a lot of animals, huge flowers, and dwarf statues all around the Love Lake park. In the middle of the lake as well, We had this not so familiar foods we had to grill in a small but oh! so cute Nipa hut. Haven’t tried the cycling though, But so happy that my daughter Ashlee didn’t get scared of riding the horse all around the Love Lake even though she wasn’t with me that time. I just got so scared that time coz she’s with the people who cannot understand or speak english. But glad they managed it and enjoyed the whole ride with her friend Mimi.


My husband and I in the middle of this two sweetest hands I’ve ever seen!


 Ashlee and Mimi together with Minnie and Mickey Mouse!


Ashlee and Mimi riding the horse! It’s my daughter’s first time! So proud of her!


 My husband and I with the gorgeous Love Lake background! Thanks Allan for the shots!


 They have some few shops inside the Love Lake Park.


 Mr. Long hired this very nice boat for all of us to go around the Love Lake! Thanks Mr. Long!


 My daughter and I. Welcome to the restaurant. haha!

IMG_0851 Crossing the bridge to reach the restaurant that’s located in the middle of the Love Lake.


 Ashlee and Mimi looking so very sweet like sisters!


 Grilling/BBQ time! Not sure what’s this one though, haha!

IMG_0878 IMG_0887

 Ashlee and I enjoying the foods! woot! woot! Hello chopsticks! I love their veggie salad as well!


 I looked so pretty cool in this picture haha! Because it was really cool and perfect that time! Who wouldn’t want a bunch of yummy foods by the Lake with friends right?


The whole Vietnamese crew!! Hurray! We missed you guys! Thanks for the bananas! =D


 This are the guys travelling with us!  L-R Jason my husband, Mr. Long a very nice friend of ours, Mr. Foo our very cool, nice and very good driver that time and Allan who’s very excited to have his baby with his wife Anna! Of course we missed you all guys as well haha!


Here we are Riding the truck going back to the parking lot after we all had those yummy foods and enjoy the whole quality time relaxing and doing things We can always remember in our hearts! We are definitely going back in Da Lat Vietnam for some relaxing and real family and friends holiday like this one! And yeah! I’m holding a banana in this picture! I always have banana’s everywhere I go and nuts as well! haha I just love them.. Anyways thanks guys for reading! God Bless everyone! xoxo





  1. What a very lovely trip! 😀 Good thing your daughter is very brave. I was so afraid when I tried horseback riding before. HAHA

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  4. lovely family you have! 🙂

    I’d like to try horse back riding but ‘m soOoo scared I might fall. haha XD

  5. this is my kind of place! i am fascinated with “hearts” structure or anything heart-shaped during my travels. i will tell my friend to invite me to visit her in Dalat!!

  6. Pretty cool place! Nainggit naman ako sa kids, they were able to ride a horse in such a young age. Ako, hindi pa! lol

  7. There’s only 3 lakes Ive visited so far..
    And they look different from the Love Lake.
    Looks fun and tourist friendly..
    I’d sure take a day off for this if I have time

  8. Based on your photos alone— i can tell u really had a great time—- i have a couple of vietnamese classmates at school and they keep on telling me how beautiful Veitnam is and i guess its true then…

    Eigroj Stain

  9. you and your daughter look absolutely lovely 🙂
    pero ako na ang naiingit sa barbeque. nakakagutom tingnan. 🙂

  10. I would love to have the same photos taken.. with me and  my family too!!! love all your pics!!!

    1. yes. i wasn’t expecting the horse ride to be that far haha! so one of my canadian frend went to follow them because the other guys cannot speak english so they wont understand ashlee hihi glad she’s brave enough haha xx

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