Heya guys! I’m back after so long being absent in the blogging world!! Continuing my story and blogging once again about our Da lat Vietnam escapade, All the crew started the beautiful morning with some yummy breakfast! As usual I had my fried eggs veggies and Vietnamese bread. It was indeed a wonderful weather for me! Eating our breakfast just beside the lake is such a nice and fun view to eat together with your friends and family!


This was the nearest Swan ride just beside us while we were eating that time! There’s a restaurant called the Bluewater Restaurant and their food was so yummy! This lake as well is the first thing you will see if ever you’re going to visit Da lat Vietnam.

IMG_0661 IMG_0669

So the story goes, and yes! Da lat Vietnam is also known as The Paris of Vietnam! Obviously having this really cute tower and that round-about for cars is indeed a feeling like you’re in Paris! Well, I’ve never been to Paris or any part of the nearest place I can be but Indeed this place as well is very romantic for those love birds who’s in for a honeymoon and very romantic place to explore. Seeing really nice big bunch of flowers, Cool nice breeze, Yummy foods and of course very clean place is the way to go!


So lucky to have this photo taken with our friend Allan. One of the family and our friends as well booked their hotel just right where you can see the whole Da lat Vietnam gorgeous view! The round about, The lake and The small Paris Tower is way too cool seeing just outside of their Balcony!


Love strawberries? Yeah! After the nice lovely breakfast, and picture-taking of the views from our friends hotel balcony, Here we are picking the ever fresh and so sweet strawberries I’ve ever had!


I’m not fond of strawberries or anything berries, But living in a healthy way now I have bunch of them inside our fridge! Here’s my daughter so happy picking her own strawberries trying to fill in the box she’s holding.


Mommy daughter time again! Still picking strawberries! Sorry for the so awkward picture of me holding my iPhone every time! I was trying to get some video! Because it’s gonna be so long again till we can visit this place once again.


The whole Vietnamese crew picking some strawberries as well! Not just me! They’re even eating the strawberries right away after they picked them! That’s how so yummy the fresh picked fruits are!


Oh! Before we arrived to the strawberry farm, We noticed this cute little houses from far away. We thought it was the Farmers houses or something else, But then We all figured out it is a small cemetery just right before the strawberry farm! Kinda creepy to think that I’m eating the strawberries just near from the cemetery Too late to realise haha!


                      All the crew lining up to go get in the car and start our journey again!!

IMG_0762 IMG_0770

On our way to somewhere I don’t know what to call this place. Allan and I was so eager to see this really big buddha we saw when we visited the Flower Park. Lucky we were on the same road going back to our hotels. We did went up to the hill to see the buddha and surprisingly we saw some tourists as well!


Mimi praying to the Buddha with Ashlee looking up as well. She was supposed to follow Mimi but then maybe because she was so shy or She didn’t get the detail of what Mimi were doing. It’s just amazing though, that the whole trip They were both happily playing doing a bit of sign languages, Because Mimi cannot speak english that much yet. How wonderful kids are! Interesting kids.


The entrance going up the hill to the big Buddha! We thought that cars aren’t allowed to go up but then we’re half way the hill already when motorbikes and tourist vans started to come down haha! Too late for us!


Mimi’s father and a great Vietnamese friends of ours praying to the buddha. Mr. Long is such a good father and a husband! His family is great to be with accompanying us whenever we go and visit Vietnam. His family will make sure to entertain us every time we’re there! He owns a very nice restaurant and Very good food too! Thanks for letting us ride your car as well! Up all the way in Da lat Mountains and around Ho Chi Minh. Such a great memories to remember always. Thanks guys! God bless! xx