So the story goes, After the roller coaster ride at the mountains of Vietnam and after all the breathtaking views we’ve seen around We finally decided to go to one of the temples while we still have time left before we rush back to our hotel.

Nothing so different or extravaganza happening in the temple we’ve been too. It’s still the usual temple as you can see anywhere in other countries.

You can see monks praying or eating inside. Of course you can see a lot tourists as well. I just never noticed, if it is actually allowed to come in sleeveless and in shorts though, Because usually you need to cover up yourself before entering a temple. Or maybe because I never went inside one of the temples. haha!

If you can notice the above photos on the left hand side people/tourists checking out the plants or I guess herbs that is planted all over the place that has a nameplate hanging around the plants so you’ll know what kind it is and some definitions as well. I got amazed how the other plants have this very funny structures looking thing and you really will noticed them while you passed by.


Of course anywhere we go, We always see this really nice big bunch of flowers! Ready to be picked and put a ribbon and ready to go for a wedding! I guess the weather really helped a lot for this plant to be able to survive their beautiful petals! Their gorgeous!!

After the Temple and a bit of a rest back to our hotel. We found ourselves wandering around night market. Which is actually a walking distance only from our hotel. But then we have our own car and very good driver Mr. Fu so why not just drive us to go there! Lucky us! haha

The place is sort of like Chatuchak market for me in Bangkok Thailand. Though, it is not like tons of stalls that you will see but enough and crazy bargaining happening around the night market!!

It is a superb night market I can say, Because the whole place is fantastic! You can even see newscasters live reporting everywhere! I should’ve try saying Hi on TV!! haha! They even have to close one of the streets as well for people who does small toy car racing!

You can even ride the bike and drive it anywhere!! Even in the middle of their main streets! I’ve been itching to try this bikes but then it is not very suitable for us because I have my 4yr.old daughter and One of my friend Nhu is pregnant as well. Anyway, We enjoyed the whole time we stayed there! A must see place to go in Vietnam.

Oh! Just wanted to share you guys my excitement over Jollibee in Vietnam!! haha! Yeah! I was excited that time It’s been a long time I guess since I visited Jollibee in Philippines. The difference was the food in Jollibee Vietnam have a lot of spicy food choices and Every serving of the foods you ordered comes with a side veggies like slice of tomato cucumber and lettuce as well. Never I have seen that in Jollibee Philippines, I guess. Though, One thing I noticed as well is their Jollibee is not as very famous as we do have it in Philippines. There’s only a few people I have seen when we tried to eat their one time. Even my Vietnamese friend never eat there! haha!

Of course wanted to share the The Pink House Hotel! Indeed it is pink right?  This is where we stayed the whole time we spent our second holiday in Vietnam. It is very cold in this place that they don’t even need to put A/C’s in every room because even when it is summer the place is still cold as! haha! Bet I should visit Baguio in Philippines very soon as well. More to come about our Vietnam Vacay! Thanks guys! God bless! xx

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