IT’S DONE! Finally!

Hi guys!! Talking about friday the 13th yesterday, I finally decided to at least cut my hair or may I say trimmed it. The scary part was I’m not really prepared to do this yesterday but then I found myself in a point saying to myself that, If I won’t do it today then when it is actually going to happen! So it’s like, Let’s do this husband! Yeah! It was my husband sweating yesterday trying to make my hair nice and trimmed well. He did cut my hair yesterday and he was saying that yeah! that just easy! Then he started cutting my hair and revealed to me that it was a bit hard trying to make it really straight specially everyone knows how hard to cut a super thick hair like mine. There’s a point that it was all nice and straight but then I will start changing my position and there’s a tiny bit of a hair hanging somewhere that looks my hair cut really bad, So he needed to cut it to bits until it is so looking good. Photos above are the before and after. He cut the tip of my hair like 6inches. Not bad though, I felt the sudden lightness of my head and hair after that hair cutting. Indeed a big help for me. haha! It’s my husbands first time doing this! So I guess he did really great! Well, I am thinking of learning how to cut my hair in long layers all by myself because my hair grows as fast as like that. I found myself this past few days watching this girls on youtube on how do they do their own haircuts. It looks amazing and I guess I needed that much of strength and courage to do that by myself. I know I can do that someday. I just need that good layering scissors and I can start practicing. haha!  Well if you know some easy to follow tutorials on how to cut your hair in layers by yourself, Or you know some very easy techniques, Share the love folks! Let me know in the comment box! Till next post dolls! God Bless xx

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4 thoughts on “IT’S DONE! Finally!

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  2. Kudos to your husband! I would freak out too if I had to cut someone’s hair! :)) I suggest you section your hair so it’s easier. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top layer 🙂 Then you shouldn’t snip horizontally. It has more texture when you cut vertically.  ehehe I’m not sure if I explained that well 😛

    1. hi mich!! i got confused with your explanation dear! anyhow, thanks for dropping by here haha! I worked out some techniques on how to long layered my hair but then i just need that special scissor to cut it! haha good luck to me anyway god bless dear! muah!

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