As I said to my last blog post I will be blogging a lot about our second holiday trip in Vietnam which is more on nature and cold weather condition. Indeed Da Lat Vietnam which is in the mountain range 9hours drive from Ho Chi Minh is totally breathtaking from the high mountains, scary zigzag road and different towns we’ve been to on the way to Da Lat. It is quite amazing how different this place is, Away from a noisy busy road full of motorbikes, Crowded people and away from the dirty air coming from the smokey vehicles.


Welcome to Datanla! Not sure if it’s the real translation though, haha!



The roller coaster ride is the first climax and heart pumping activity we’ve done that day. It is not going to move automatically  and not controlled by some one, But only you. It has a small long stick on the right hand side and three people can fit in one car, but only one people has the total control of it. Gotta be careful though, Because there are people who started the pace of the ride already and they might stop somewhere in the middle you don’t know and an accident will surely happen I guess. Our ride had gone pretty smoothly but nearly before the pit stop, One tourist guy stopped in the middle and we had to stop as well. His pointing something in the bush, But since we cannot understand Vietnamese We just waited for the guy to start the ride again going to the falls. Picture above is my daughter Ashlee waiting for the next ride. The second photo above when we stopped to take a photo with the waterfalls. Oh! We just knew that it’s actually a big snake in the bush when a guy translated it for us after we had reached the waterfalls! haha Lucky I really didn’t see it haha!

IMG_0499 IMG_0503

Yeah! a Family photo atlas! Backview is the Datanla Waterfalls. Thanks to our friend Allan who almost took our family photo all the time were in Vietnam. That’s the first waterfalls! Isn’t it gorgeous! I know but sad to say that it is not allowed to even swim to any falls that you can see because of the strong water current and big rocks everywhere!

IMG_0505 IMG_0511 IMG_0534

Posing while climbing up the hill to see the waterfall much nearer. You gotta cross the bridge where the water exactly falls and have strong water current! We got a bit wet also haha!

IMG_0572 IMG_2704

Another huge waterfall! I took this photo just using my iPhone so sorry if a bit blurry this one. It’s actually my husband there standing hehe camera-shy! You have to ride the cable car first and then ride the excalator (Picture above) going down to this waterfall can you actually believe that? Very modern and tourists friendly You think? Specially to the old people who still wants to go mountains like this. Right? They didn’t have to walk that much and just enjoy the rides and the view of course!


Our very dearest couple friends Anna Nhu and Allan who’s going to have their first baby very soon! We are all excited! See guys very soon again!


Peace sign from Mr. Fu! Our very good driver who drove us and keep us very safe through a long and winding road activity for the past 3days we stayed in Da Lat Vietnam! Thanks to you guys! We surely miss you all and hope to seeing you again very soon with your bouncing baby boy Allan and Nhu! I miss the cold weather and flowers there! Excited to blog about the night market and cheap stuffs I bought! Watch out for that guys! You’ll going to meet some other very good Vietnamese’ friends who made our holiday complete! Thanks guys! God Bless! xoxo

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  2. this is such a wonderful resort.  glad you had lots of fun. thanks for the share. Yahweh bless.

  3. nice family pic. would love to visit vietnam. im’ actually plotting our next vacation and vietnam would definitely be included.

  4. omg! i thought at first that was your sister! you look so young!
    also, I would love to go to Vietnam someday 🙂

  5. Indeed, the current looks strong but it is lovely to look at. The water is  like cotton laid on the rocks. The little girls is also lovely. ^_^

    Keep posting. Godspeed!

  6. the waterfalls looked very beautiful. I will probably skip the self-service roller coaster tho. oh yeah, your daughter totally looks like you!

  7. The first photo made me wonder ,is she mary jane or  just somebody else? .You look young ,well i know you are still young  but you look like a high school students.You all had a wonderful trip at  Datanla .i love the waterfall.

    1. haha! i know even in IMMIgrations airports they would actually asked my age most of the time and take sometime to compare my picture in the passport and my face for real. I drink too much green tea maybe hehe

  8. lovely pics.. but i also agree with Maria Estrella Ledesma, you look like a kid : in a good way 🙂

  9. you look so young to be both a mommy and a wife! The place looks interesting for adventurous people 🙂

  10. That ride looks exciting and scary all at the same time! But would love to try that, especially that it leads towards that beautiful waterfalls! Such a scenic place. =)

    1. indeed very nice! i haven’t been to bagiuo in philippine but i guess kinda the same but in this place not so many people though hehe xx

  11. Hahahaha that’s one scary ride! Especially since you don’t know when people will stop along the way so you gotta be extra careful and can’t go too fast! But then again, why will you want to go too fast? If you go fast, you can’t admire the view of the waterfalls and that would be too sad. Beautiful family you have there! Happy Easter, dear! 😀 

    1. haha your in between the two good chances you can have! ride a roller coaster in the middle of the mountains or enjoy the view slowly! hha thx mich! xx

      1. im not so fond of roller coasters because they make me dizzy so i think id rather enjoy the view slowly 😀

    1. oh! this one is my first time as well! only few people been coming in that place not so popular i guess, but the place wax awesome! and true nature hiding in the midst of vietnam! xx

  12. Looks like you had fun! Cute kiddie! She looks like you! A photocopy of you! I like place the falls! Pefect place for family! <3

    1. hhaa i know!! all of us three sisters look like her when were a kid as well! all our baby photos looks very the same! thanks!

  13. it must have fun travelling with your family . I wish I could have save up so I could travel with my family too! 

    1. were trying to save up as well and look for promo fares and since were in singapore everything is like so near to us so much cheaper airfare price as well! xx

  14. wow… cool place!! 😀 I really love your travel photos! <3 and I'm so jealous of you for travelling different places <3

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