Hence, The title of this post is all about the photos my husband took last time we had our second part holiday in Da Lat Vietnam. Da Lat Vietnam is the capital of Lam Dong Province in Vietnam. Da Lat is also known as an area for scientific research in the fields of biotechnology and nuclear physics. (Source from wikipedia), I didn’t expect to be that cold in Da Lat. I have brought all my sleeveless and leggings for this holiday for not so over luggage weighing if I do some shopping around. I’m almost freeze to death! Well just kidding. But for a person like me who’s not used to cold weather should really feel so cold walking around the place specially at night.


Welcome to Flower Park as the title goes, Our first stop is the Flower Park! I can’t say that this should be the only place in Da lat Vietnam that should be called as Flower park. I guess the whole Da lat should be the flower park. Since from the first step in that place and whenever place you go and look even hotels and sidewalks has the flowers galore! It’s insane flowers everywhere! It’s like living with Cinderella and Snow white in a story haha! It’s a dream for me! It’s fantastic how the whole place is full of flowers everywhere!


This waving puppy dog is the first thing who will greet to you from looking outside of the park! It’s like inviting you to come and play with the flowers around! Too cute! They have goose/swan as well!



Of course a princess horse carriage! It’s all pink and perfect! Now where’s the princess? I guess somewhere hiding big bunches of flowers… Can you find the princess’??

IMG_0453 IMG_0450 IMG_0428

A wonderful feeling walking around these gorgeous big bunches of flowers! They’re all so pretty and I just wanted to stay in that place and put a house maybe somewhere haha!

IMG_0458 IMG_0466 There are animals around as well! We actually have photos of Snow white and the seven dwarfs but too shy to put them in here because my daughter and I looks crazy in that photo haha! So yeah! There’s really a princess around hehe.


Forgive me for posting this but my daughter and I were just in the right moment of posing with the same pouty lips haha! I just love this shot! I know you guys are waiting for my husband’s photo but he  was the Photographer that day so spot him somewhere or in my next blog post. I will be blogging about the Da Lat roller coaster ride down the waterfalls and more! Thanks guy! God bless! xoxo

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  4. Very colorful flowers just like you and your lovely daughter.
    That place in Vietnam is enchanting and refreshing to visit.

    1. hehe that’s my only sunglasses I have haha Marc by marc jacobs dear! thanks! xx

  5. Grabe, you were like a big sister lang to your kiddo. You look so young!! Haha! That flower park, is that almost the same with the flower festival we have here Baguio every February?

    1. i think so! though they have this all yer round the weahter is like winter! and the whole dalat vietnam are full of flowers! xx

  6. Bagay ang mother and daughter tandem sa flower park na ito. Both are as pretty as all the flowers combined. 🙂

  7. the flowers are so beautiful.
    the huge dog is also amazing. i wonder how big it is =)

  8. The place looks awesome. I love the flowers too. Makes you feel like a princess. <3


  9. I would love to be in such a pretty flower park. That carriage looks amazing, parang Cinderella 😀

  10. i love the flower puppy!!! this is my kind of park. I saw a similar concept in Ulsan, South Korea at their International Flower Expo and in San Francisco (USA)! if i go to Dalat Vietnam it will be because of this Flower Park!

  11. Wow! This is a must see should I visit Vietnam in the future. But before I visit this flower park, I should probably check out our own Penagbenga festival first. Have you experienced the flower festival in Baguio?

  12. nice photos. sipag ni hubby mo magpictures. when we travel ako lagi konti pictures, ako kasi tagapicture. 

  13. Wow, looks like the set of some fairytale movie being shot! My daughter will like this place. Will definitely go when we revisit the country.

  14. Awww I love the flowers… So colorful! 😉 and yeah the last photo with both of you pouting is really cute!

  15. wow! those were awesome pictures of you and your daughter and those flowers in the background. 

  16. I also adore flowers. That shot of the purple larkspur was just perfect! I want to do an outfit of the day pose with that in the background! Hahaha and yeah, you and your daughter look so cute together! 😀

    1.  if  I’m just ready for the things that happened that time! i would take a lot but i don’t have any idea haha! i even brought sleeveless clothes! xx

  17. OMG!! cool place <3 lots of flowers <3 <3 I think that's a perfect place for lookbooking. hihihihih 😀

    P.S. I wanna ride that Cinderella kalesa. hahahaha 😀

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