Whenever My family and I go visit other country, One couldn’t resist doing a lot of bargaining around town and buy things for our loved ones/friends and relatives back here in Singapore. But last time We went to Vietnam I tried my best to only just buy something for my friends and family and something that I really needed rather than my wants. I’m not so sure if I’m really successful doing that until this time but who knows! I’m still a girl! Who’s wants and needs is very hard to think and compare! haha! Anyway, Here are some of the things we bought in Vietnam last time we went there to visit our very good friends Allan and Ann Nhu who’s going to have their first baby very soon! Everyone’s so excited!

These are strawberry candies, tamarinds, Vietnamese coffee, ginseng and tea’s We bought back in Da lat Vietnam where we had our kinda like second holiday because the weather there is so cold like Baguio in Philippines I guess, Compare to a hot weather in Ho Chi Minh. Coffee and ginseng are for my husband and Dad back in Philippines. Tea is for me since I love drinking tea! This tea we got have this very yummy and a bit fruity taste compare to a regular tea. I like it! The strawberry candies and tamarinds I gave to my friends already here in Singapore.

These are the Vietnamese Coffee filter my husband bought for himself since He bought a pack of Vietnamese coffee as well.  Vietnamese like having their Coffee with ice. But my husband always love his coffee so hot rather than Vietnamese ice coffee.

Don’t you love these colourful bags? One for my daughter and one for me as well! Thanks to our Vietnamese friends who’s very kind buying stuff for my daughter Ashlee haha! I love how colourful these bags perfect for spring and summer! haha! Will definitely buy some more when I get back in Vietnam!

Earmuffs and Scarf since it’s very cold in Da lat Vietnam at night when we walk around the night market. Bought the pinky crochet lollipop as well for my daughter’s dolly Ashley haha!

This doll looks so gorgeous! Been walking around the place in Vietnam and been seeing this doll everywhere! I know my daughter likes it but I’m trying my best not to buy since its big and won’t be able to fit inside our luggage because you cannot press it. Down below part of the doll is made with styrofoam so its impossible to fit in anywhere. Ended up that I bought it as well and My daughter dragged it in the airport until we landed in Singapore haha!

Since we won’t be able to bring some fresh strawberries we picked by ourselves back in Da lat Vietnam, We have this big strawberry pillow instead haha! Cute right?

Of course! Whenever we go to other country, We surely buy some pasalubong t-shirts for our friends!! I bought 10 pieces of this. Just sad that they don’t have this in singlets because I don’t usually wear clothes with sleeves.

Bought these 10 pieces of jade bracelets as well for my friends! I love how it has dangling buddha’s it’s cute that I couldn’t resist buying them! Supposed to just buy shirts from Vietnam! But oh! well! that’s for everyone’s good luck!

Hope to be back in Vietnam as well very soon. Really enjoyed the company of our Vietnamese friends and the couple Allan and Anna. Good luck to your coming baby! Will blogging a lot more about Vietnam very soon! thanks guys! God Bless everyone! xx

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53 thoughts on “VIETNAM BARGAINS!

  1. I love the shirts! If they don’t have singlets you can release your creative powers and just cut the sleeves off~ =)

  2. I didn’t know you were married. You look so young kasi. Glad you had fun. Sana friends tayo. I’d love the buddha bracelet. 🙂 

  3. I love the cute and beautiful doll… and also the jaded beads. You’ve got a good buy!

  4. Wow. Good finds there! 🙂 One places in my bucket list is Vietnam. How much was your budget for this trip? 🙂  and how does Vietnamese coffee differ from others? 

  5. Good finds you have here.
    I super like the big strawberry pillow.
    You really enjoy your stay and the seemingly
    endless shopping on bargains.

  6. wow, i love the doll and earmuffs! why i didn’t see that when we went to Vietnam?hahha. Since I collect tee-shirts with country in it and family and friends too, I also bought Vietnam shirt -one with the same design and color as you have for my brother,then Vietnam blouses for my mom and sister-in-laws and the different color of “I love Pho” shirt one for each of the family (20 altogether) as uniform for family reunion and 5 for me haha..

    1. wow that’s a lot i guess shirts are the number one to must buy when we’re in a foreign country hihi

  7. That doll reminds me of the one I saw in Davao City before. A student knitting project. I hope to visit Vietnam also, not for the doll but for the landscapes. hahaha.

  8. Nice items you’ve got here. Was it really cheap buys? they look elegant and quite expensive. My wife has been meaning to go to Vietnam too. We”ll probably go there too. Was it expensive to stay there? Are hotels good and cheap? Thanks for this cool stuffs. When I go there I’ll probably look for shoes and gadgets.

    1. I am not sure po since asawa ko po ngbobook lht ngspend lng kmi for shopping and foods kc po we hvae a car to travel around borrowd from a vietnam frend

  9. Great finds! Would love to score a few of those should I visit Vietnam in the near future.

    1. I now know why I came across your Vietnam post again… it’s calling me for a visit!! Hayayay..hehe! I’m sure I’ll love shopping and bargaining in this country just like you did. =)

  10. the jade bracelets atr pretty .i want  to have that too! .I like all the food stuff you both .me and  hubby are tea and coffee lover. we tries different kinds of tea in the market

    1. yes po! ang sarap nga po nung strawberry nila prng juice lng hehe hindi mapait kht wlng sugar hehe xx

  11. wow.. cool Haul sis! 😀 I like the food haul in particular. LMAO! Makes me drool at the moment <3 

  12. Those bags are really nice! I especially like your daughter’s little bag! hahaha so cute! I want those strawberry candies and the jade bracelets. 😛

    1. oh! i love the bag the most as well! i put all my energy just to bargain that bag! hehe cc

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