Hi guys! Well I’m back from our Vietnam holiday! hurray! So I guess I’m squeezin’ a bit of my time today just to write and update my blog. I have this shopping haul in my drafts for a week and I’ve been tweeting recently that I am about to blog something but then We’ve been so busy from our second trip in Da Lat, Vietnam so I found it very impossible to actually write and blog something. Plus the weather there is so cold I couldn’t manage to do anything else haha It’s like I’m stuck feeling so cold. So I did bought this stuffs before we leave from our Vietnam trip with my husband & friends going around Orchard Road and Bugis.

Shoe Padding, Gel Cushion, Foam Padding, Foam Strip.  Bought these paddings/cushions so I can walk comfortably in my high-heeled shoes and maybe It will do wonders for me and I could walk a mile with them after using this things. I’ve used the Gel Cushion before & It does gives a lot of comfort when you walk around with your heels.

Elastic Ankle Support. December 2011 I started going to the gym after years of not having any exercises. But then I’ve been having this ankle problem from running until now. So my husband decided to buy this Ankle support to give me comfort and support as well while I’m running. I haven’t tried it yet but I guess it works since I have few friends who have been using it for so long now.

Colourful necklace and earrings I bought in New Look Singapore. I saw this babies on my Facebook news feed and I said I gotta have it! So the next day My husband decided to go to Orchard road to walk around and have lunch and went to their store and bought this! It’s a start of a colourful accessories for me!

Bedroom slippers from Forever 21. I bought this like a couple of months ago but forgot about it after I dumped it inside my closet. So lucky I saw it while I’m packing for our Vietnam trip and I needed this to give my feet some warmth for  Da Lat, Vietnam cold weather. It is so warm indeed when you wear them and I love that it comes in animal print. haha!

Don’t you love this anchor earrings I bought from Forever 21? I know! It is so cute! That’s Why I just have to buy it! Thinking of buying a necklace as well to pair with this babies!

My husband bought this River Island bag in Ion Orchard. We’re supposed to buy the spikey gold heels in their store but my feet is not in the right shape. So I tried to cracked a joke to the saleslady if I can get a size 38 and the other one is size 37. But we all know we can’t do that so I just had to passed it and ended up just buying this bag.

Foot rollers!! My husband and I spend a lot of time sitting in front of our computers or watching television. So He decided to buy one of this things to at least do something with our feet and massage it. I’m still trying to look for a wooden one like one of our friend got that massage a lot more and feel much better as well after you used it.



If a girl go to a shopping mall or somewhere else, We’re all spazzing for shoes of course whether we’re going to buy one or not. This time I just got to buy not one, But 3 shoes haha! Well, The goal for me is to buy colourful shoes, Neon coloured shoes to give some colours to my shoe closet which you can just see black, gray, white, and brown shoes, And no colours at all! Bought the Bubblegum pink and the orangey coloured shoes in Bugis, While I bought the green/teal coloured shoes in 313 Somerset New Look Singapore. I am still on the hunt for a lot more colourful things to put in my closet, So watch out for them.

I will be blogging another haul soon and about our Vietnam holiday as well. God bless everyone! xx

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  1. one of my wife’s weakness. shoes… even my daughter loved the pics… kanya nlng daw… hehehe. Yahweh bless.

  2. you know, i’ve been here a couple of times but it’s only now that i noticed the bird flying on your page.
    it’s cool and my baby KIKO love it so much. 


    great post… very fashionable and the twitter bird adds a uniqueness on your site.

  3. colorful kikay stuff! way to go girl. i love the green shoes and i’m big on shoe pad and it is a must-have!!!thanks for sharing.

  4. Gel cushions are certainly my best friends! They make walking in heels everyday a breeze. I love your haul particularly the chic bedroom slippers. 🙂

  5. I have your pink shoes in black!! hahahha your husband’s sooo sweet!!! I love your colorful necklace. Can’t wait to see you wear it 🙂

  6. Yes, colors are so in right now! That’s also my goal now, to buy colorful shoes 🙂 Cute finds!

  7. Hello Mary Jane.  You’re loving Vietnam, aren’t you?  Have never been there and I am not sure if I’ll be visiting it in the next few years.  But it sure is a pretty place.

    I so love the bedroom slippers.  I have like a dozen of them at home.  Using a pair at a time.  My friends, in laws and Bebe know how addicted I am with bedroom slippers and they just keep on gifting me.  I so adore your choice!  It’s pretty.

  8. I always wear high heels and I think your foot stuffs can help me dealing with my tired feet during class hours. 

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