As I’ve said to my last blog, Here is another shopping haul of mine. This time it’s more clothes! I’m not that shopaholic though, haha! =D  Well, I will be blogging another shopping haul of things that I bought in Vietnam so watch out for that guys! As I’ve been telling you guys again and again and again, I wanted to put a lot more colours in my closet, Whether it’s a colourful shoes, accessories or clothes. People from Chictopia or people I’ve been seeing around me, Indeed gives me a lot of inspiration to make this decision to have colours in me. Most of the time I will just wear a simple black and white or all black or all white outfit whenever I go out! It’s a dead simple colour that’s very easy to wear and very easy to be paired with anything from accessories to shoes. So now Let the doors be open for a new batch of colourful things!

Two maxi dresses each and a bubble gum coloured Top I bought in Bugis! 10sgd. each. Don’t you love those colourful prints? I know! haha!

A T-shirt full of colourful hearts and couple of number 5’s or 55. I decided to get it since I love how cute it is and my birthday is feb.5 as well. Another one I bought is the animal printed sheer blazer. Both 5sgd. each.

This babies were loved at first sight seriously! I didn’t even think twice if I will really going to buy this or not.! It’s magic! It just happened so fast! I love everything in this two clothes. The belt serve as a haltered top and the scallop cut of it, The colours and the fabric is such wonderful! Bought this for 5sgd. each as well!

Four singlet tops and four pants photos above. I bought all of them at H&M Singapore. Was supposed to buy their gold sweater which loved at first sight as well after I saw it on H&M Facebook page. But sad to say the next day I went there it’s gone.

Bought this really nice jumpsuit to Ms.Ellen. One of my closest friend here in Singapore. It’s totally worth buying. I love the fabric on how you actually doesn’t need to worry if you’ll iron it or whatever. No ironing needed, Nice fabric, Not hot and very breezy feeling, Good for packing light when you travel and Everyone knows how I love jumpsuits and I love the floral prints as well! Bought this for 12sgd. I think. =D

Photo of Ashlee in front of Vertu shop before we crossed the street going to H&M. I know she looks so shy here! haha! I totally don’t know what’s with the mascot though, Didn’t get one of their pamphlets that time. Shame on me! haha! Anyway, A lot of mascots and happenings in Orchard Road, Singapore when you come and walk around there on weekends. So stuffs like this is just an ordinary scene if you live in here. Watch out for my Vietnam haul guys! Thanks for reading! God bless xoxo

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16 thoughts on “CLOTHING HAUL!

  1. I love sundress! Unfortunately, they don’t look good on me cuz I need more meat and be plumpy.

  2. wow, nice haul.  i miss shopping.  i rarely shop now. i’m hoping to lose weight before i buy clothes again.  and i prefer spending my money on travel now.  that’s my new addiction.  

  3. Very colorful! Curious though if that doesn’t limit you or make your clothes too old too soon? (based on number of times you can wear it)

  4. Wow, lots of clothes! I like that yellow halter top. So cute! Visiting from PB dear 🙂

  5. Oh gosh, I’m so jealous right now. I want to go shopping outside the country naman. And yes, COLORS are now In. Don’t forget neons! 😉

  6. Good for you for going for colorful clothes now. I used to have the same problem, always buying neutrals :p

  7. Wow! You have a nice taste. Would love to see you pose wearing these clothes. I bet you will look fabulous!

  8. cute pieces you have there! Makes me want to go shopping 😛 (as ifff I am Ms. Super rich!).. And you just gave me the idea of putting colors in my closet too! 🙂 I’ll be a frequent visitor in ur new fashion home. 

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