Hi guys! Just a quick post about another lunch we had this week. We just had a very simple and just enough foods for everyone unlike the one we had last time that Ate Violy prepared so much, We ended up that we’re so full! But thanks for the huge effort of the girls who prepared the foods even though they’re so busy doing their job. Sorry for the poor photo again! I am so lazy to bring my canon with me haha! So forgive me guys! I guess the photos were all so near naman that you can recognise all of them.

The busy girls! Even though everyone was so hungry that time they managed to smile and strike a pose for me haha! The table was so perfect for all of us as well!

Bitter gourd with egg and prawns.

Fried fish.

The famous of all! Ate Ellen’s sinigang!!

Everyone was so busy that day that after we ate and finished all the foods and managed to cleaned up all the mess we did at Ate Violy’s house We all continued our daily house chores that afternoon. The best thing was we finish all the foods!! Hurray!! Everything goes perfect that day because all of the foods were finished!! Congrats to the cooks! Looking forward to the next lunch date with the girls. It will be next month though, Because all of us will be out of the country this coming week. See ya all next month for the next girly date!! And til the next post! God bless everyone! xx

23 thoughts on “FASTFOOD

  1. these are the foods i miss eating because i rarely cook. suddenly crave for a fried fish haha

  2. i was also curious about fast food since all of them needs a little bit of time to cook but bitter gourd is always our fave.

  3. Why Fast-food? hmmm..

    anyway, that bitter gourd, I can only eat them during breakfast time and it means.. no choice but to eat them! 😀

    But that sinigang! It’s my favorite! I love the sour taste of it!

  4. Plain lutong bahay food is fast food? They are comfort food sure making you feel most at home. 🙂

  5. I love eating meals with friends.. 😀 It’s so nice to enjoy good home-cooked food and chat all day. Anyway, everything here looks so good! I don’t eat bitter gourd though.. XD

  6. Bitter gourd with egg and prawns a favorite!!! whoaaa 😀 this post made me hungry!!! oh by the way i love your blog!

  7. I wonder why you called this entry “Fast Food” Haha 🙂 Doesn’t look like fastfood to me. You’re making me hungry!!!!! I want sinigang right now! And I also love ampalaya with egg and shrimps. YUMMMMMM!!!! 

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