Have you guys seen THE LORAX! I guess we’ve seen the very first show of this one here in Singapore! Thanks to Ms. Kristi Stepp for buying the tickets for all of us! haha The kids enjoyed the whole movie! I am waiting now to have the dvd if they’re going to release one soon because I like it like that!! Besides, Your kids will learn something at the end of the day! The movie has its own moral lesson that I’m surely kids will totally knew it after they’ve seen it. Sorry for the poor photo! got it only using my phone! =D

The story for me is about looking after our nature/ environment and protecting trees and not to cut them down. It shows how important the trees for cleaning/filtering the air for us to breathe. The Lorax who speak for the tress tried so hard to stop Once-ler to cut down trees but at the end the day the last final tree was cut down by his family. In the movie people needs to buy fresh air in order to breathe. Until this one boy tried his best to bring back the tress to be able to win the girl of his dream! and he made it! I love how the movie is mixed comedy, a bit of a drama and a lot of singing! let it grow! let it grow! let it grow! which until now the kids still singing it having ear worm! haha 101% rate for this movie! Very much a family movie!!

Just wanted to share with you guys this lovely kids of ours! How they make each other relaxed and so happy playing inside the furobath with us! It’s all about good family and friends bonding after all!


Japanese-style bath, typically using water heated to 110 F (43.3C) or hotter. It is claimed that, because the bather may linger in the wooden or metal tub, the furo may have properties for the therapeutic relaxation of tensions. To achieve cleanliness, thebather washes before entering the tub. In bathrooms in private Japanese homes and in public bathhouses, the bathing facilities are always constructed separately from the washing and toilet facilities. (credits to the Source)

We have this furobath facilities here in our condo so we make it that every saturday night, We all have our bonding night at least once a week! We’re all having dinner down in the swimming pool eating pizza’s of course and some yummy delicacies and peanuts as well that Ate Violy cooked for us. Usually for weeknights we’re having some sauna and then go to furobath as well! Can you guys imagine how relaxed we are almost everyday? We even go to the gym whenever we have some energy left haha. It’s so nice watching this kids playing and enjoying themselves though they’re mixed nationalities! We surely do enjoy all the company of our friends here. They are our second family here in Singapore. I love how they worked so hard but at the end of the day they’re still laughing trying to ease and forget their problems once in a while. That’s what friends are for! ‘Til next post God Bless! xx