Hi guys!! I have posted my last words to my Blogger/Blogspot yesterday saying goodbye to everyone because I am finally back and will be using my wordpress again and forever! haha! I’ve been using Blogspot not so long ago. But even so, I really liked what I did designing it and seeing people visiting and giving their precious times just to drop by, reading it and drop some sweet comments. I am a bit sad though leaving it for I’ve gained some friends already from Blogspot. They’re not so many friends but I’m loving them just because they give life to my Blogspot and they started to be a good friends of mine personally. Receiving all the comments from all of you guys to all of my posts we’re very much appreciated by me. I love reading them and it gives me more inspirations to update my blog whenever I can.

So I welcome you every one to my new website My not so new pinky website, Obviously that I’m so in love with pink. I will be using this one, Get busy and get kicking updating this from now on. Well, I will be doing my best to update this every now and then whenever I find time to do a blogspost hehe. Anyways, so much for this goodbye and hello! Let’s move on! Please do follow me to my following links that are listed below if you guys are not using wordpress!! I will bring back the favour of course!!




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See you all here at!!
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  1. Yay! Glad you’re in wordpress now! It’s so much easier to get notifications when we comment in each other’s blog. Love the new layout too. You look cute in your header heheheeheh :”D

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