This just in! Yeah! We got invited from the newly member of Dover Girls! Well, She doesn’t know yet about Dover girls or what the heck it is but She’s enjoying the good vibes from us! haha! Welcome to Dover Parkview Condominium Ms. Violy! Last monday she invited us to visit her fabulous house in Tower A and to have our lunch there! FYI! Filipino-Denish style! She definitely cooked a lot today just for us! Sabi nga nila fiesta di ba? Ms. Violy is a very good mother and a wife. She have two lovely daughters and a very loving husband from Denmark.

Photos of the girls! Just arrived from her house earlier.

The so yummy Squid! Really looks so yummy inside and out! I am never a fan of eating squid because of some how it won’t digest easily in my tummy. So I never tasted it earlier but surely it was very yummy coz the rest of the girls finished it!

Meat balls! Denish style! I can’t explain how yummy this meatballs are! They’re so tasty that you wanted to eat it so slowly so that you won’t finish the whole thing that fast! haha

We had this yummy Tilapia fish as well! What can I say? I love fish so much so this was the first dish I started eating earlier. haha!

Another favourite of mine is this string beans with pumpkin pinoy recipe! I just indulged and feel every bite of it. I like when it’s a little bit spicy.

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I honestly forgot what do they call to this bread. But it’s so darn so yummy! My daughter Ashlee had 3 pieces of them! I love it because it’s got cinnamon! Love the smell! Well, Denish food got to be that so yummy I bet.

Had this photo taken while the girls were not yet at Ms. Violy’s house hahaha looks so peaceful! But not when the girls arrived and started eating, It’s like war! haha

Loving that lunch session at Ate Violy’s house! We definitely doing this again next thursday but this time we’re the one who’s going to bring the food in her house for a change! haha We had some picture-picture in her house as well after we cleaned our mess. The girls seems to enjoy her really gorgeous chandelier, and really nice furnitures haha! Will try to take a good photo of it next week. As I’m writing this blog I am still surely is full from the foods I ate earlier and as well the girls. Thanks a lot for inviting us for a lunch date Ate Violy! Thank you so much for cooking  and welcoming us to your fab house! We have a happy tummy and enjoyed the yummy foods that you cooked and your company! Till next time! xx god bless!




54 thoughts on “LUNCH DATE WITH THE GIRLS!

  1. Everything looks yummy! 😀 Agree with sis Joanna, triple F nga for friends, food and fiesta.. ^^
    Hope I can have a get together with my friends soon too.

  2.  Awww, this is such a feel good post: friends, food, fiesta! 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed yourself; I smiled througout your post.

  4. ang sarap naman ng mga day-out nyo. Love the food bonding with my kids and hubby too:) wish I could cook for them too:)

  5. sarap naman nung grilled squid. you girls must have had so much fun pigging out with all those yummies.

  6. I miss my flatmates.. we used to do this often when we’re not yet busy with work. Now we’re all nowhere to be found. Hmmnn.. maybe I’ll organize a get together soon.

  7. envy the food looks yummylicious. looks like very Pinoy style though, so which part is Danish? thanks

    1. the denish one is the meatballs coz she uses different ingredients rather than the usual recipes we used everywhere and the other denish food is the cinnamon rolls with something.. i really don’t know how they call it but its got cinnamon in it and a bit of glazy look thanks po!

  8. food galore…and with good company to match. perfect combination of good food and good company..

  9. same here, i don’t eat squid even though I want to. : ( Coz whenever I  eat squid, i always end up having a bad tummy after.

  10. Looks like you had so much fun 🙂 maybe you were not able to finish all the foods because there’s picture taking and some chitchats 😀 happy day! 

  11. Reminds me of my friends in the UK from Cebu and manila. Its always a relief to see Filipinos when you’re staying in an English speaking country cos you get a break on speaking the language and use your own dialect for the mean time. She cooked Filipino dishes and fried daing to welcome me plus jasmin rice. I went home so full that I cant barely move! Tnx for this, it brings me back my memorable times from last years holiday. 🙂

    1. you welcome dear!! at the end of the day its all about hang a good company to share good foods! xx

  12. This looks so fun! I’ve never invited my friends over for pot luck kasi laging magulo bahay namin. Haha! Must try this sometime. 🙂

    1. u should try sometimes dear!! ang sarape ng bonding when your with the girls! d nun need n lumabas p or gumastos ng mahal as long as u cook simple dishes that everyone can share it totally nice! xx slmt

  13. where can i found those kind of people? wann visit houses and eat at the same just like what you did.

    1. hi ate! if your around singapore lng din join kna din! haha I’m so blessed with this people! slmt

  14. Fried tilapia at Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa… perfect combination! As much as the food are all delish, I am sure the best thing about this lunch is the company you shared with the girls. Kahit simpleng ulam, masarap basta may kasamang kumain!

  15. ang saya! parang dito (since wla kami sa bansa natin) palagi get together! para eat pinoy foods at chika! lol!

  16. So many food! yumm! Pero I bet you didn’t finish everything ’cause every subo there’s chika! :)) Girl thing! 😀

  17. You guys look like you’re having soo much fun!!! 😀 There’s nothing like a fun girl’s day out! I love hanging out with my girl friends too! 😀 Buy your lip butter na and the neon satchel! hehehe

    1. at mich!! d p ko nkklbs!! I’m trying to find a satchel with all the colours in it nah pra isahang bill nlng gun aq kakuripot haha muah!

      1. AHAAHHAHAHA Rainbow satchel??? 😀 Hahahha pwede rin! 😛 Di ko lang alam san ka makakahanap non! :))

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