Hey! It’s still February! At least I can still post some of the gifts I received last February 05. As you guys knows! I didn’t had any extravaganza birthday celebration that time but just had a simple Japanese lunch with my own family and had pizza for dinner with my friends. I posted my Birthday Shopping haul. So now my Birthday Gifts! Nothings so expensive but all the gifts were from the special people and have been a part of my everyday life here in Singapore and their very close to my family that I’m with them every now and then.

A little bit of cam whoring when we arrived at home from our Japanese Lunch.

My husband and Peter looking so cozy and relax sitting on the (swimming) pool bench.

Our daughter Ashlee enjoying her Bubbles that night.

This is the view of the condominium’s big swimming pool at night! And that’s our tower! Love this photo! I didn’t expect I would get a perfect photo of our swimming pool with our tower as well! Oh! This is just the big pool! We also have Jacuzzi pool, Baby pool and Kid’s splash pool. Love the facilities here!

Louis Vuitton wallet from Ms. Kristi Stepp. So sweet!


A lucky Taka bracelet from Ms. Nelia! I really love this! Thanks for the effort buying this for me!

Vodka from Mr. President. haha

Moet Champagne from Peter Nash.

Red Wines from Mr. Fred.

Yeah! I don’t drink beer guys so… =D

Gifts that I haven’t open yet because my daughter Ashlee wants to keep it like that haha. Thanks to Donna and Lyn’s employer for this gifts though,

A photo with My husband and I.

I’m so blessed with all the good hearted people I have around here with me. I had a simple celebration but it’s all worth it if you’re celebrating it with the people that you know who truly cares for you and always be  with you at all times. There’s nothing more I could ask for. Seeing my own family and friends I love in so much happiness and in all good condition is such a huge gift for me already. Thanks for all the friends who celebrated with me and gave some effort to make me feel so special on my birthday! Thanks to everyone who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter and my blogs as well! With gifts or no Gifts, You will all still be a part of my life and having you guys here with me and knowing that every one’s happy and safe is the greatest gifts! God bless everyone! xx





  1. belated happy birthday, jane. glad you enjoyed your gifts… sabi nga nila, its the thought that matters. Yahweh bless.

  2. You truly look very happy, good for you! Have a happy life and more birthdays to come

  3. Yeah, what really matters is you celebrate your day with the ones you love and the people who really cares for you! Happy Birthday!

  4. Belated happy birthday Jane! Nice gifts you received back then. But aside from those gifts, the memories and the thought of it is what matters the most right/?

  5. your really one lucky gal. i’m on envy mode, he he he, but you truly deserves it, happy birthday.

  6. that was a few months back but i believe you had a blast… 🙂 yeah, it’s really not the size of the party but who just matter though… and gifts are always nice treats!!! 🙂

  7. For me gifts are not that important. What is more important is celebrating it with the people who loves you and care for you. Simple celebration makes an EXTRAVAGANT PARTY.

  8. Even simple birthday celebration can become more meaningful if you celebrate it with the people you love most. Material gifts are bonuses.

  9. For me the best gift I can get for my birthday is to gather all my loved friends in a night of celebration. Like this year, we just bought some food, went to one of my friend’s house, cooked Lucky Me Pancit Canton and ate while watching a movie 🙂

    Material gifts are just a bonus 🙂

  10. You are truly blessed sis! Receiving plenty of gifts can only be a plus.. But what we always aim for as a birthday wish is that our loved ones be in good condition at all times. 🙂

  11. That’s a nice way to celebrate. Celebrate simple but have important guests. It’s more intimate and more fun.

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