I have been wearing the same clothes style or design recently with my daughter. I’ve been noticing earlier looking back to our photos before that we have a lot of look-alike clothes. When I buy clothes I never thought that I would be having the same or look-alike as my daughter’s numbers of clothes as well. So just recently people starting to comment and asked if I intentionally buying look-alike clothes or do I go somewhere or visit a store that’s got a mother  and daughter or father and son’s look-alike or almost the same clothes. Well, maybe I guess that it’s because we’re both girls I’m not getting those hardships or very complicated decisions choosing clothes, shoes or accessories for her. It’s like automatically that everything should be in pink or purple colour. That it should be something like very pretty and gorgeous when she wears it.

Wore this on my 23rd birthday last Feb.05.

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Shoes from New Look Singapore 313 Somerset.

Here’s our daughter Ashlee Nicole wearing her super fave flats.

Flats from Cotton On for kids at Wisma Atria.

Wore this the same outfit last Sunday when we had our karaoke and barbecue celebration. Bought My daughter’s clothes in Chinatown Singapore and bought mine in Little India Singapore. Wasn’t expected to have the same clothes because I have a lot of clothes in the closet that I can’t barely remember if i won’t clean it weekly. Most of them still have price tags! haha

Our daughter is 4years old. Now a days I find it very hard now to decide something for her since she have her on mind now what she wants to wear or what she wants to buy. So last time we’re at Wisma Atria Cotton On for kids, We’re both arguing about the shoes and necklaces that I wanted to buy for her. She wanted something that I definitely doesn’t like. But then I have to say yes to her because she’s the one who’s going to wear it and not me anyway. At least she got a good taste like me! And definitely like that she likes pink or purple as well! haha Indeed a mother and daughter thing! xx God bless!





  1. you look tall, how tall are you? 🙂 and I agree you are very slim too! I love pink stuff period. the shoes rock! 🙂 and I also like your daughter’s shoes !

  2. Awww, you both look so lovely! I especially love your heels too! 🙂 Great choice of clothing IMO.

  3. Same here. Still a lot of clothes waiting to be worn and still with price tags! 🙂

  4. you and your daughter look so much alike…in a few more years you will be sharing clothes and shoes 😉

    1. haha I wish i can share my shoes to her! because none in my family mo or even two sisters have the same size as mine haha xx@google-aaafcc7ec101baa2be77574f6b51f2c2:disqus thx xx

  5. Perfect mom and daughter together. Just timely for the mother’s day this week…  You both look stunning 🙂

  6. great fashion sense 🙂 Looks good for you and your daughter. Just continue to be mindful of her fashion tastes. hehe

  7. Cute, love your outfit and pink shoes so pretty.  You look very young parang magkapatind lang kayo ng daughter mo 🙂

  8. lovely dress!i’m a sucker for mom-daughter identical clothes ensemble -not for me though  coz i am still single and has no daughter.but i like it a lot when my niece pattern their clothes after me, or when i see mother-daughter tandem at church wearing identical clothing. co-incidentally i saw one awhile ago and so i took a picture of them!!

  9. my daughter and i dress up the same most of the time….same color, in shorts or we’re both wearing dresses.  but never intentionally. 😉

  10. You and your daughter look so beautiful.  I really like it when I see a mom and her daughter sporting similar outfits because they look really adorable. What more if they sport the same talaga ? Priceless. 🙂

  11. like mother, like daughter… its good thing that you also let your daughter choose her likes…  Yahweh bless.

  12. I like it when I see a mom and her daughter with matching outfits, I find it really cute.

  13. Sometimes it is just cute to tailor what we wear with what our kids love. It is also another way of bonding yourselves.

  14. ang cute nyong mag ina .para lang magkapatid  and i like both all your outfit . sayang i have all boys and no girl. kakamis din may little princess sa bahay.

    1. opo! msrp mgbonding hoping for a baby nmn soon mam Tess pra color coded din sila ng husband ko haha slmt po! xx

  15.  You look more like sisters than a mother-daughter tandem to me :D. 

    When we go out, me, my wife and our daughter wear color coded apparel =)

  16. love your shoes!! 🙂 and i love the last picture of you and your daughter.. so cute together 🙂

  17. Those stilettos are freaking me out! Haha I love the swag of this mother-daughter tandem! 

  18. As they say, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. But in your daughter’s case, with a little (unintentional?) help from mommy. 🙂 I think it’s cute that you’re color coded. Enjoy it now cuz when she becomes a teener, she’ll have a taste of her own. 

  19. I like the idea of matching outfits.  I should do that with my daughter too!  Yes, my daughter started picking out her own outfits when she turned 4 :).  They’re starting to assert themselves, I guess.

  20. nice pair for a mom and daughter day-out. I think I want to try this out with my daughter cassy too 🙂

  21. I’ve just been to your blogspot! hahahaha You have two blogs pala! ;D I got confused for a bit 😛

  22. That pink stilleto shoes are SEXY! Hahaha Love them! And i guess it’s normal that you dress your daughter like yourself since you’re the one choosing her clothes and of course, you’ll still be using your one fashion style when choosing her clothes. Hehehe 😀 Lovely, lovely girls! x

  23. no wonder why your daughter loves fashion like you do..you look good with the matchu-matchy,so adorable!;))

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