Today my husband cooked his all time favourite food, STEAK BURGER. His been craving steak burger ever since. The last time we both can remember that he had the yummy steak burger was, When we’re in Bali, Indonesia for our Honeymoon. His been ordering steak burger all the time.  Last Friday we went to Little India where we can buy beef in a reasonable price. So he bought like loads of steak, and minced beef.

The ingredients were pretty basic:

  • thin sliced of beef steak
  • burger buns
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • white onions
  • ketchup
  • butter/margarine
  • cheese
  • salt and crackled black pepper for seasoning

  1. In a frying pan put a bit of olive oil or any cooking oil will do then start frying the beef steak.
  2. While frying the beef steak, Start slicing the lettuce, tomatoes and white onions onto round cuts, Or whatever slice you desire.
  3. Your choice if you want your burger buns to be toasted. We toasted ours, and put butter and ketchup after.
  4. When the steak is cooked the way you want it, Put it on the top of one of the burger buns.
  5. Then, Put the round tomatoes and onions and lettuce as well.
  6. And don’t forget the cheese!
  7. Lastly, put the other burger buns on top of the piled ingredients. Reheat the burger if you want to before serving.

You can add mayonnaise or some other sauces or other veggies if you wanted too. You can make your version of burger and call it your own! Anyways, This is my husbands version of doing his burger steak. Doesn’t really need to follow the whole exact instructions and ingredients. Make something from leftovers and put together of what you have inside the fridge. This turns out really yummy and so satisfying for me! Will make some more of this next time! Thanks for reading guys! xx God Bless!




38 thoughts on “#RECIPE: EASY STEAK BURGER

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  2. YUUUUUM! 😀 hehe! dala lang ng gutom!

    I love eating burgers especially home-made! I dunno but i find home-made burgers meatier and juicier.. and the best thing.. It’s FREE! haaay… I know it’s easy to prepare so I hope I could make a lot of these delicious, sinful burgers that you made! haha! oops.. diet! diet! 😀

  3. those burgers looked yummy. home-made is the best way to do it coz you can have it in different versions, like having double patties, lots of veggies, et al at half the price

  4. I looooove it, I like sandwiches that has tomatoes and lettuce and you make preparing this steak burger easy. I’ll try this at home and I will include this in the list of my baon in the office =)

  5. At first glance, I thought those steak burgers looked like donuts, tarts or other similar pastries. But they all look good. 🙂 Yummy!

  6. This is a great idea for a baon for the office! What kind of cheese did you use? I love America cheddar kasi for sandwiches. Haha!

  7. This one’s good! and easy to prepare. I’m a big fan of burgers and I’d definitely try this one out. 😀


  8. naglaway ako bigla. this is our kind of food din kasi .solve na with sandwich and soda.

  9. i love burgers with toasted buns hahahah.. with that size I could eat that in one bite 🙂

  10. Looks very tempting. We had steakburger sandwich tonight. Yum din hihi

    Rizza (beingwell)

  11. Home made burgers are the best because you can control what goes into it! Just recently I read about how some burger chains use pink slime dog feed on their burgers! Can you imagine that? Yuck! So home made ones like your husband’s are the best! May I have some? Hehe Thanks for dropping by my blog. The photos here are lovely. 😉 See you again! xxx

  12. Awww this got me craving for some flesh again! (Another blogger also featured burgers.) I don’t cook so the recipe went over my head. Can I find this in a resto in Manila instead? I don’t think I’d be in Bali any time soon. 🙂

    1. hi dear!! i don’t coz philippines won’t used much of a pure beef or beef steak! haha we’re a pork/piggy country hhaha u can make your own though, muah! xx

  13. This looks yummy! I wanna try this! It’s easy-to-go recipe! I want that! More easy recipes please 😀

  14. OMg!!! this looks delicious!! 😀 I wanna try this too! <3 will def. do this on my lazy Sunday morning for breakfast. 🙂

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