Before my birthday comes this February 05, I would love to blog first the Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2012 that happened last January 28 here in Dover Parkview Condominium where I live. They did the performance in the Big pool just in front of the back entrance of Tower A. I’m sorry for being MIA and not being so consistent blogging for I’m having a problem to my blog. haha So please forgive me guys.



 All of the Condo residents woke up early just to be prepared in this Lion Dance performance. Every one had their camera’s and phone’s out so ready to take a snap shot that day. Don’t you just love those yummy and sweet mandarins? Sure is their yummy!




 My husband on the other side of the big swimming pool so he can have a nice access for the video since all of the people were going gaga around the Lion Dance. So lucky my husband thought of doing that so. So Ashamed of me. My photo above with my iPhone trying to take a photo of something haha.



 I don’t know what you call that red guy mascot but he was giving away candies around to the kids while their watching the Lion Dance. His giving away this red packets or red envelopes as well with a 4d number written in it. It’s like the lotto number in Philippines haha. In Chinese and other Asian societies, a red envelope or red packet (known as hóngb?o in Mandarin, Ang Pao in Min Nan, Lei See in Cantonese, Sae Bae Don  in Korean, and Lì Xì in Vietnamese) is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions.(source/credits)





 Some of the photos my husband took that day. Very colourful eh? Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion costume. The lion dance is often mistakenly referred to as dragon dance. An easy way to tell the difference is that a lion is operated by two people, while a dragon needs many people. Also, in a lion dance, the performers’ faces are covered, since they are inside the lion. In a dragon dance, the performers can be seen since the dragon is held upon poles. Basic lion dance fundamental movements can be found in most Chinese martial arts.(source/credits:)





 So the Lion Dancers did a great job that day! Every one had fun watching them and had fun taking photos and videos also! Watch my youtube channel search for tauyanm1 for the Lion Dance Performance! After the Performance all the kids just started playing around the pool in the early morning. Usually no kids playing in the pool Because every one is at their school. So since it’s holiday, Why not right? Photos above were my Friend Lyn trying to a snapshot with the drums. Ashlee’s friends Lean and Sylvia! They all look so sweet! Will upload my Lion dance video here next time! God bless guys! xx =D

Watch this really nice video my husband took last CNY! So loving it! Subscribe guys! xoxo




33 thoughts on “CHINESE NEW YEAR LION DANCE 2012 + video

  1. love the dragon and the dancer’s costumes…here kasi simple lang yung dragon and the dancers just wear red pants.

  2. I miss Chinese New Year back in Malaysia! It’s so much rowdier, more colorful, plus the ang pow loot is always welcome 😛 It’s not AS big here in Manila, which is a shame since there IS a significant Chinese community here.

  3. I find it nice that the celebration of CNY was greatly commemorated at any part of SIN. I would have loved to encounter such a fun festivity. But I happened to miss the one in Binondo last weekend.

  4. haven’t felt CNY since I came here in Germany. There’s so little chinese population here in my area. Had fun watching your video.

  5. Chinese New Year is always colorful anywhere in the world. I like the colorful costumes and the festive atmosphere.

  6. I’m amazed how people inside those costumes come up with nice movements and it looks like its real.

  7. There were a lot of lion dance here also last Sunday during the Chinese New Year. I’ve seen several at the mall.

  8. Lion dances are always part of the Chinese New Year traditions already as they are thought to bring good luck. Seen any dragon dances? 🙂

  9. The photos just only prove that the celebration was all fun and merriment! I’m sure you had a great time watching the Lion Dance.

  10. I always enjoy watching a lion and dragon dance performances. Most especially the drum beats. I can’t wait for the next Chinese New Year!

  11. I know there is a difference between a Lion and dragon dance, since I grew up spending most of my childhood days welcoming the Chinese lunar New Year. These dances require participants movements always be synchronized with the drum beats. Ang ganda talaga silang panoorin lalo kung pabilis na ang drum beats.

  12. Great picture. This is one event I would love to witness coz I know how extravagant Chinese are when it comes to festivals like this. I also remember Jet Li and Once Upon a Time in China whenever I look at this. Lol!

  13. So the lion dance and dragon dance are different. I thought that they are the same, I am bit confused about the “puppets” used since the lion and dragon do sometime look alike… 😀

  14. Nice photos by your hubby. I didn’t have the chance to witness dragon dance or any Chinese new year celebration events because I dont wake up early and not that really keen to wake up early just for that. Anyway, nice post.

    1. thanks dear!! i now what you feel but since this is the last Lion dance we can have here in singapore thanks dear xx

  15. advance happy birthday. ♥ It’s nice to see a lot of colors here. I cannot remember the last time I saw a Chinese New Year celebration let alone the “new year” itself. Glad you had fun. 🙂

  16. Pretty, pretty little girl! Your Ashlee is starting to look like you and she and her friends are sooo adorable! I missed the dragon dance here because I stayed at home for Chinese New Year since it was a holiday too. Usually though, they have dragon dancing at the mall in front of my office. 🙂

    Great photos by your husband. Can’t wait for your next post! xxx

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