December 2011 My family had a very nice holiday trip in Phuket Thailand as you guys knows if you’ve been reading and following my blog. The reason we had this trip was to attend the nice and lovely wedding of our very good friend Peter and Zom. So as the title goes My blog post today is all about random outfits I wore last time in Phuket. I actually planned the whole outfit already but since there may be circumstances that might you really need to change the plan. It’s like the plan A failed, So there has to be a plan B. The other main reason as well why I had to plan my day to day outfit in Phuket was I only had that small luggage I had that I needed to share with my Daughter Ashlee. So that’s really the problem I guess. I can’t pack light when we travel haha!

This was my Singapore Departure- Phuket Arrival. Shoes from New look Singapore. Pants with belt from random store at BB Plaza in KL Malaysia. White top from Bugis (Singapore), And my hat that I’ve been carrying everywhere is from Bali Indonesia. My one and only Sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Sorry for the messy hair though, If you have hair like mine you wouldn’t really mind to stop by in a rest room just to brush or comb it. It’s just way too long to do that. You need to put a lot of effort and work to have hair like this.

This was my outfit when we visited Pakarang beach, Memories Bar. Just wearing thongs/slippers, An Aussie dress flag design w/c I bought in Bali Indonesia as well and been trying hard to find another one because I’ve been using this dress like big time. This dress will need to rest soon. I hate that feeling when I really like a particular thing and of course I’ve been using it when ever I have to and ended up blaming myself for using it too much that’s why it must go to rest haha. =D

My gorgeous dress I bought the day before the Wedding Ceremony! The dress issue was a big talked with all the girl who’s with us I guess. Since we really don’t know what kind of wedding ceremony it was. So all the husbands and wives and everyone’s been talking what to wear to the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Since my clothes were all planned already, This conversation with them gave me a big time hassle and keep on worrying and thinking that the clothes I prepared for the event was too formal. So then, The day before, My husband and I had a bit of a walk at Khao lak Centre where you can buy a lot of touristy things. At the end of the day we ended up buying this gorgeous dress which is not too formal or anything just right for the occasion.

I wore this gorgeous flowy dress at the wedding reception dinner that happened the same day of the wedding ceremony! My husband thought that this dress were like a beach dress or something because we’ve been seeing this dress around Khao lak Centre as well and it’s got this funny long tail like design that goes at the back of the dress. Bought this dress in Little India back in Singapore. Don’t you just love how nice and exciting all the colours combined in this dress? I totally love it!

Simple long beach dress I wore for our lazy day in the beach! It’s a see-thru one so you can almost see what i wearing inside! Well, We’re in the beach anyway! Its ok to feel like a bit sexy since I can’t wear bikinis! haha

Another simple beach dress I wore when we went to have a whole day sight-seeing at Phang-nga Bay, James Bond Island. I can just feel the water vibes with my nice and vibrant colour dress. I bought this dress in Bali Indonesia as well.

Wearing a black leggings and animal print haltered top when we went to the famous  Fantasea Musical Theatre. I enjoyed that day! The Fantasea is a must to see when you visit Phuket.

I wore this dress in our last day in Phuket going around different towns and beaches. I bought this dress in KL Malaysia. I supposed to wear this for either the wedding ceremony or reception but since girls were not allowed to wear anything with black then I gave it a miss. I wanted to posts my other outfits I wore in this trip but I’m failed to take a descent shot. I totally enjoyed The whole trip in Phuket it was a blast! Having a nice company to go with everywhere is a must thing to enjoy a vacation or holiday. God bless xx





  1. Pretty. I wish I have the guts to wear dresses like that. Looks good on you. Kainggit. 🙂

  2. I love it all, it all suits for you. I am loving your hair length for me it is just PERFECT for you!

  3. Beautiful dresses. The white one remind me of the clothes that hubby bought in Qatar that I gave away to my sister in the Philippines.I saw in one of her pictures, she wore it at the beach.

  4. I super love maxi dresses so these are really wonderful – and you look so beautiful, as always 🙂

  5. love the summer outfits. i think it will be best if you’ll seperate all of them for good posts of the looks!

    1. yes phuket is really nice! Specially the beach! though most of the outfit shots here are from khao lak beach province next to phuket. James Bond island is a different place as well. hehe

  6. nice dresses! I wish I could also wear something like those. haha. I’m not matangkad kasi so it’s a no-no. :p

    1. i am having a hard time trying to find a nice dress as most of the dresses were to small or bitin size for my height im not that tall though hehe

  7. I was not able to follow your previous blog… anyway here you’ve a very nice outfit, especially the first set of pictures. The pair of trousers you wear are fitted for you. They’re nice and lovely.

  8. Love your fashion sense! I especially loved the dress you wore on the wedding reception. 🙂

  9. I love hte dresses too,I have been looking for that type of dresses i=here but all were big foe my size.

  10. love the reception dinner dress! your pictures really show that you enjoyed your phuket trip so much 🙂

    1. yeah i enjoyed my trip actually very tiring but then when your with your family its perfect ryt? thanks dear! xx

  11. OMG! I definitely love the photos and your looks on your trip! 🙂 I love how flowy the dresses are and how you styled them! 🙂 By the way, thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  12. You look so young and beautiful! Loved how everything looked on you because you’re so slender and tall!!! It’s my dream to wear a maxi dress but at 5’1”, I usually look like I’m playing dress up with my mum’s clothes unless I wear really high heels, which won’t be very comfortable when traveling 😀 I love the handkerchief dress you wore to the wedding reception best. Looks so effortlessly chic on you. Thanks for dropping by my blog 😀

    P.S. You and your husband are so sweet! x

    1. hi dear!! aw thanks dear! believe me i climb mountains and run on the treadmill everyday with high heels haha just kiddin’! but real when ever we go i have my high heels hehe my husband hate thongs.. I love that dress as well! lucky i bought it b4! thx dear! ur too sweet! thanks for visiting my blog. xx

  13. i love your dresses here, and you look amazing with your long flowing hair and free flowing dresses. 🙂

    1. aww! thanks so much dear! need to cut off my hair soon though, IT’s getting too much longer for me.. maybe i layered it a bit or somewhat anything i can make it a bit shorter. thanks for dropping by! followed you on your blogspot thru GFC! xx god bless

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