After the New Year Celebration! Everyone welcomed 2012! The next day My family together with Hughes Family and Caitlin and Jack, We all headed to Phuket/Patong. Everyone was so excited that day because maybe were all first timers to visit the place. Well, my husband have been their many times I think haha! The place was much more busier than Khaolak where We all had our first week in Thailand. It’s party everywhere,everyone’s walking back and forth. Shops everywhere and of course the beach was mad! It’s so full that I’m actually feeling like its not holiday anymore because it was packed and so busy.

Since the whole crew were all Aussie! We spent almost every night bonding together in Aussie Bar. Which was very near to our Bungalow since were just staying just around the corner of theBangla Street where it is located.

The foods were really nice and delicious. We all enjoyed having everyone in there, Eating at the same time. The food we’re eating every night was The platters above photo, Garlic bread, Nachos, Sausages and of course the all time favourite Steak sandwich for everyone! Especially It’s my husband favourite.
Here’s my Baby Ashlee been eating a lot of ice cream while we were in our holiday haha!
The Hughes family with Caitlin and Jack. Thanks to my husband for being so nice taking all our photos the whole vacation.

The Aussie Bar has 2nd floors as well. They have all the televisions everywhere and Billiard tables both floors. We all think that this is the most family oriented Bar around Bangla Street since they don’t have those lady boys around or girls who dance with their g-strings or bras.

The famous Tiger Bar! You’ll know it if your inside the Tiger Bar, Tiger statues everywhere and all the really nice lightnings covering the whole Club.
Of course when it’s dark/night already the whole place was more busier than you can see it in the day. A lot of people trying to make their business. Like this guy above the photo. A lot of animals as well around. You pay them 100baht for each photo.

The most memorable for all of us I guess was this lady boys going gaga outside the street! Everyone was looking so excited to have a photo with them. You can feel and squeeze their boobs too! You may pay 100baht as well for each photo. All the boys were in heaven haha!

A lot of bars/clubs with the lady boys or girls as well doing a simple dance on top of the tables or doing pole dancing as well. It’s cool that you can just watch them for free or you won’t need to buy beers from them since most of them were open bars and you can see everything just from walking around the street.

The boys bought this cool bracelets that were just handmade. Their kinda glow in the dark too for a 100baht! The wolf packs boys looking so proud with their bracelets haha. It’s cute though, =D

Caitlin bought Ashlee the Butterfly bracelet as well. The colour look so cute and it really suits Ashlee’s clothes as well. I really love how they glow with those clubs/bars special lights. Everyone had a great time again! Though, it was very tiring for all of us. It’s all worth the tiredness drinking and eating all night. God Bless! xx

Please do watch this quick video clip from Bangla street Phuket! Subscribe too! x0x0




28 thoughts on “PHUKET THAILAND 6 AT BANGLA STREET + video

  1. Bangla St or Bakla St…heheh…well it’s no wonder, Thailand offers the cheapest surgical package in the world for sex change.

  2. what a grandeous way to celebrate a post new year celebration with your family in thailand and jumped to different full packed bars in the beach …

  3. Fun fun fun! hehehe… When we went to phuket, we only visited a seafood resto and headed back to the hotel. Good for you guys, you seemed to have a blast!

  4. 100 Baht for a photo?! Wow! That’s what I call really profiting on the tourism industry there. Can’t wait to head over to Phuket one of these days for the beaches and a bit of the nightlife as well.

  5. love the shot with the girl eating ice cream.. its like I want to eat ice cream too hahahah nice shot

  6. I’m not much of a party person and I don’t like crowdy areas..hoho. But this place looks so fun to be in! :))

  7. Nice place to celebrate the New Year….will be confused here in this place to see which is a real lady and a lady boy…hahaha

  8. oh my! hahahaha! did you squeeze the lady boys’ boobs? if you did, how did it feel like? :))
    your daughter looks so cute eating that ice cream. awww.

  9. You’ve captured several of Thailand’s key attractions here from the iguana, to the party atmosphere in Phuket and yes, to the lady boys.

  10. how nice!
    The culture seems very much fun!
    I heard from some of my friends who work here, that night life is the best in Thailand!

  11. So many lady boys! =) I actually wanted to do a side trip to Phuket when I was in Thailand, but was discouraged with the transfers.. So my friend and I just went around Bangkok and Pattaya. =) Anyway, nice post!!!

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