After the amazing wedding event! The next day, Everyone had their “relaxing day”. We all went to the Memories Bar/Surf shop and just relaxed, enjoyed the beach and enjoyed the whole family bonding. Since I started blogging about this Phuket Thailand holiday, You guys must have noticed that I’ve been saying a lot of things about Memories Bar.

So this is how it looks like in Memories Bar in the day. Every one’s getting their tans, relaxing and just enjoying their holidays as well. Don’t you guys love the colourful umbrella’s?

Memories Bar offers a lot of fun things, So if you guys visit them, It’s totally worth it and your gonna be so relax and at the end of the day you can say to your self “This is what holiday and relaxing is”. Definitely love their foods as well! All the people works in that Bar were totally adorable, nice and friendly! They will always serve you with a big nice smile. And most importantly it’s a very nice place for the families out there, for kids and mom&dad. Definitely a friendly place!
From the time We arrived in Memories Bar, My husband and I checked out the massage part place in the beach. I totally wanted to have a massage every time we’re in a holiday. Who don’t want a massage on a holiday? Right?
Since It’s very shiny, the sun was all out the beach that day, And I’m a kind of a “shy girl” if you guys what i mean. I’m not really into “beach thing”. I don’t like wearing bikinis or anything too bare for me or I must say I have this personal thing I have that I’m really frustrated of. Even though I’m really dying for a full body massage that day, I just can’t. So then I decided to just have a foot massage =( . I’m happy how the girl worked on each of my foot. It totally relaxed me even for at least an hour, It’s really amazing. I almost fall asleep.
So after the nice, relaxing massage, here I am jumping all around the beach! So in love with thisjump shot! haha plus the hat jumping at the same time with me. **wink**
I had a lot of photos from the beach and I’m in love with all of them. My husband is just the perfect personal photographer for me haha. He knows what I want. His my best friend.

I’ve never been happier seeing our baby Ashlee enjoying the beach as well. I thought that She’s gonna be afraid of the waves in the beach because We really never been in a beach and just stayed in there. Every time we go on a holiday, We’re all after the sightseeing and shopping etc. but not staying in the beach. I should say thank you to Barbie Queen of the waves! Ashlee loves watching her surfing, So maybe Ashlee’s trying to copy Barbie enjoying the beach as well. I’m totally happy!

My beach moment with Ashlee playing and chasing the waves. She totally loves it. She’s so energetic and she’s like everywhere and doesn’t care about anything else! haha A kid thing happening in this beach scenario.
I know you guys love this sunset! My husband took this one and I think it’s awesome! We had another sunset photo as well in Bali Indonesia before but not as gorgeous and not as dark coloured as this one! I didn’t do any editing for this one. I think it’s already awesome! No need to edit or anything.
Of course! definitely must have a sunset couple shot! So all of us had a couple shot, And I’m really happy seeing all the couples with us looking so in love, and kissing each other. Love that moment.

If there’s a couple shot, There’s a friend shots as well! Here’s a photo of Bronte, Viv, and Me with the sunset. I know you guys can’t see the sunset but there was a sunset, believe me! haha I call this, “A not so sunset friendly shot” =D We all look so cute.
Just want you to know guys that I love this photo as well. High-lighting the Memories Bar/Surf Shop’s Surf board, With the Aussie crew as the background or blurry part of this photo. My husband did a great job with all the photos that day!

So here’s what it looks like every time were in Memories Bar. We always got these wooden tables around and enjoying each other’s company drinking and chit-chatting. Laughing all day & all night long.
A family photo that day! Thanks to David again for taking this photo! haha Almost all our family photo in these trip was taken by him. Such a nice guy! So it turned out that everyone enjoyed the day. We’re all so happy about the family bonding. We’re all satisfied and enjoyed each and every one’s company. Such a nice day for everyone to catch up since most of them never seen each other for a long time. What an amazing time We had!

A quick video at the beach!





23 thoughts on “PHUKET THAILAND 3 AT THE BEACH + video

  1. I love beach so much. Love the sun and yes the fun things you can do around there especially the massage. That place will definitely make me happy.

  2. Your cute Ashlee sure have a blast. Phuket beaches is comparable to the best of the world. BTW I like your jump shot.

  3. Lovely couple and lovely beach, I heard a lot of good things about Phuket . I wonder if the expenses the same like Boracay. I always wanted to see different places definitely this one is one of my list. Thanks for sharing your photos . Stay in love 🙂

  4. it seems that it’s once nice quiet beach too, more privacy that sunset is amazing too. your daughter is very pretty like the mom of course.

  5. Ah… beautiful photos! I love beach escapades and I miss going to one! Nice break that was!

  6. what a lucky break for you ….i always wanted to visit thailand … but aheeeemmm .. budget is grrrrr. so limited 🙁

  7. beautiful beach!!! I love your attire too! I hope someday soon I’d get to travel to Phuket!

  8. How I wish to visit Phuket, such a lovely destination. I so miss the beach and having some therapeutic massage..

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  10. You’re so lucky to visit Phuket 
    and those pictures just make me realized 
    how beautiful and enchanting the place trully is.

  11. Wow! Ang saya saya!  I am sure that you enjoyed a lot.  I love your jump shot so joyful 🙂

  12. I want that massage too..
    I love it when I go to beaches and have massage by the beach.
    it completes the package, and what an Amazing destination but in Phuket Thailand

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