After the morning wedding ceremony the whole crew attended the wedding reception at night for dinner. So what happened was it’s a whole day wedding celebration for all of us! haha! I wonder how tired and busy the groom and the bride was that day. It was an amazing day! Good job to everyone who took part of the whole wedding celebration. Everything went so smoothly and the wedding was a great success!

So here’s our photo, My husband, Ashlee and me of course! Thanks David for the shot! You don’t know how I love this photo! haha Ashlee looks so very cute! Both of us were both colourful that night.

So this was just a not so half of the wedding reception photo. I mean they invited 800 to 900 people or guests just for this wedding reception/dinner. It was insane! I never attended a wedding reception like this one! So I assumed that it was not just me who’s wondering how they organised people’s foods and everything that night. For me, I can call the place like an open gymnasium, With big electric fans around and beautiful chandeliers. Well, Everyone had fun! It was an amazing event for all of us!
Of course gotta have a photo with the beautiful bride right? So here’s the princess bride Wannisa(we call her Zom) beside me. The wedding gown She was wearing here was a bit heavy so she had to deal with it the whole night! And walked all around the place with this. She was really tired that night and never had a dinner. She rocked the night though, She was a princess! Still smiling and greeted each and every one of us!
The groom and the bride with my husband and me of course! Such a nice photo right?! Love this!
A photo together with Ernest, And another couple Cathy and Mike!
Another photo with the whole family of the groom’s side. L-R Bruce, Cathy, Peter (the groom)Wannisa (the bride) David, Bronte and the Barbie doll Caitlin! They all look great!
Both the groom and the bride pouring the champagne! yeah! I love the cupcakes as well! So yumyum!
And the special seats for the Aussie crew! yeah! Love this set-up table! Great job guys!
Did I said that their cupcakes was so yummy? Well, Yeah! It was such a nice and yummy cupcakes! Here’s a photo of Debbie and Me smiling with our cupcakes! I had like 4 pieces! =D
Meet Brian guys! His the Dude! His the one entertaining all of us the whole morning wedding ceremony! He got all the personality and everything haha! His such a funny guy and a lot of sense of humour! Peace dude!

Of course how can I forget the singer of the night! Cameron Kohring the husband of lovely VivKohring! They’re both so adorable and such a very nice company! Anyway’s Every one’s so busy chit-chatting that night when suddenly some one’s singing up on the stage! I’m loving angels instead….. And there it goes! He was so good in making everyone alive that day, though everyone was so tired already! He was the lady boy in my previous posts! If you guys read it.haha Well, The wedding celebration was a blast and We will never forget it! I miss all of them seriously. We all had fun and I can say that is was the best holiday ever! Thanks to everyone and cheers for the groom and the bride!

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29 thoughts on “PHUKET THAILAND 2 WEDDING RECEPTION 2011 + video

  1. Wowww! Incredible!!! That is such a super big wedding!!!
    Congratulations to the not-so newlyweds as it was in 2011, ain’t right?
    You look like a supermodel here, Sis! Lovely outfilt! Love it!

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  2. wow, must be really a big wedding! is she Thai? she look so lovely in her wedding gown, so as you, stunning ka din dito sis! i once attended a wedding in Cambodia and these are just local wedding and the guest, are really in huge numbers (might be like this or even a thousand)…and it was like 3 days wedding, some ceremony is as early as six o’clock. in the end, glad to know you all had fun…:)

  3. wow. that’s a whole lot of number of invited guests.. congrats to the bride and groom! 🙂 cheers to married life! 🙂

  4. Love the wedding arrangements. Perfectly done. But I love your outfit. You look great with that. 🙂

  5. Best wishes to the newly wed Sis 🙂 You all look beautiful 🙂 What a beautiful wedding that is and very memorable too. I love that the groom can sing as well 🙂 What a romantic way to steal his wife’s heart 🙂

  6. wow, for 800-900 guests and be that organized, they really did a great job, and love your dress, you look very good in it, and yes, your daughter is so cute

  7. I think I would pass out entertaining that huge number of guests lol. Love your family photo and the guy can sing!

  8. That’s a lot of guests. I bet the couple were so tired after the wedding but I believe they enjoyed their big day. By the way, I watched the video, OMG he has a good voice and… uhmm cute. LOL

  9. You guys look so happy and enjoyed the party. I guess that always a thing in thai wedding they invited too many guest and always beautiful. Phuket is a beautiful place and I was there 5 years ago.hehhehe

  10. All this time I thought you’re still a teenager!! Hahaha! You look so young! <3 Still very beautiful, regardless 🙂

  11. That’s a wonderful, and awesome (OMG for the 800-900 guest!) wedding ceremony! Congratulations to you being the couple’s good friend 🙂

  12. Wow. 800-900 guests! Must have cost a lot, and the preps must have been pretty burdensome, too. Oh well, for as long as the bride and groom are happy. 🙂

  13. OMG around 800 – 900 guests? That IS something! I wonder if my own wedding would have as much guests..haha

  14. I was invited once to a wedding in Phuket though wasn’t able to make it and now I see one through your post.

  15. I couldn’t imagine a wedding with… 800-900 guests?!? wow! it is tough!

    But it is one of the most memorable moments in their life..

    Congratulations to the newlyweds! 😀

    1. thanks dear! Everything was proper and very organized kudos to the ones who did the reception hihi xx

  16. Looks like a fabulous, intimate wedding! and yes that’s a really lovely family photo you got.

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