December 29, 2011 The wedding ceremony! So yeah! I have to wake up like 4am early that day! So just think and realised how tired and sleepy everyone was! I’m wearing this long mix blue coloured dress that We just actually bought the day before the wedding at Khaolak because We found out that the dress We bought here in Singapore was too formal for the event! 
Ashlee and I sitting in the lobby of Tony lodge. Waiting for the bus while others taking pictures outside. It’s still dark outside and I guess everyone was so sleepy still that morning.

Here’s the crew! They look all so gorgeous early in the morning! Spot the Barbie! =) Boys at the back L-R Jack Newton, Ben Hughes the tallest one, and Tom Hughes Ben’s brother. Girls L-R Cathy Nash, Bronte Nash, Caitlin Nash, Debbie Hughes, and Billy Hughes. All of them were all very nice. I love their company!
So We arrived at place and waiting for the time of the procession. The procession is only for the member’s of the groom’s family and friends. This guys are the ones who leads all of us to the bride’s parents house. While they’re all dancing the so-called Ramwong Dance, (Yeah I kinda searched about that so yeah haha!) A lot of hand movements are typically used for this. We enjoyed that part coz it was so different from all the weddings I’ve been to.
Ashlee and I sitting outside waiting together with all the friends.
So from where I took this photo if you guys can imagine, to that green tent if you guys will look closely that’s where We had to walk to do this procession. It’s kinda look far but It’s not really!
Spring and David holding this lovely things haha I don’t know what They really call it.
Spring together with the groom Peter looking so very happy!
And a photo together with the pink guys doing the Ramwong Dance.
Were all laughing that morning while were doing the procession walking down the street coz We actually had to shout and say “weeeee” as loud as we can or I may say scream? Early in the morning. So every one’s saying that We would’ve had some champagne in the bus going to the event so We can totally shout out loud haha. This was the very happy part for me that time. Every one’s happy and everyone’s enjoying the early morning.
They had this chicken outside of their house. So every one’s asking if what was it? I guess so that it is some kind of a sacrifice or something which I really don’t know at all.
Finally, The married couple! They look so great and very happy! The whole ceremony that morning was incredible! As in every one’s happy and just laughing! It was an amazing experience for all of us attending such a very nice wedding and an amazing experience for most of us to actually see and experienced what is Thai wedding would be like.
A very nice photo that day. The groom and the bride together with the whole family!
So yeah, after the wedding ceremony We all had to stay outside of the house in a big tent and enjoy chitchatting with each other. Some of the girls had their make over while the guys having their cold beer! It’s not just the girls had their make over! Cameron Kohring had “his” make over as well! Yeah! yeah! His a guy and married to lovely Viv Kohring. Isn’t he look so gorgeous with his make over? I love the flower on his head! totally adorable!
Cameron Kohring with his lovely wife Viv Kohring. They both look so gorgeous now haha Love their smile!
Of course a photo with the bride as well! They look like sister’s haha with the curly hair. hehe Just so lovely!
If there’s a picture with the bride, There should be with the groom! haha whatta smile!
So while enjoying each other’s company a lot of foods coming our way. And We had this fried foods that really looks good though, their deep-fried and I don’t feel so well whenever I eat so oily foods. Lucky No one had a sore tummy that day.

The very cute giveaways! They have this in different colours and Ashlee totally love it! It’s actually towels they rolled so far for us who’s staying in the beach would be using this big time. And We did haha! Well ended up going back to the lodge like 12pm and have a bit of a catnap trying to have some sleep for the next event. We all had a nice experience attending this Thaiwedding. A great day for all of us specially for the newly weds. Cheers guys! xx

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15 thoughts on “PHUKET THAILAND 2 WEDDING CEREMONY + video

  1. lovely intimate wedding! everyone looked happy to be there and the couple are blessed with your gracious wishes. I wish one day i can attend a proper Thai wedding. That would be a really interesting event.

  2. different culture, different kind of wedding..i guess it doesn’t really matter, what’s important is that they love each other for better or for worse…Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed.Yahweh bless

  3. weeeeeeee! it must be so much fun having a very simple traditional wedding in Thailand . All the pictures gave me a non stop laugh . What an experience to treasure

  4. Such a different kind of wedding and not the normal wedding we encounter back in the Philippines. Best wishes to the lovely couple even though this wedding was way back in 2011… 😀

  5. This wedding is unique not like the one’s we usually witness. However the ceremony was made my wish is they both live happily together and enjoy life as a married couple =)

  6. Would love to actually experience a wedding in that manner — very different yet still very solemn. 🙂

  7. The Thai wedding is something worth to witness. Simple gathering but totally unique. Best wishes to the new married couple.

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