December 27, 2011. We flew over to Phuket! All of us were very excited that time! My husband’s been there before but t’was so long already since he came back again. My baby Ashlee loves watching Barbie Princess of the waves in her computer so she’s been so excited as well to try surfing or playing in the beach just like Barbie. I’ve been to Thailand many times but that’s in Bangkok only. So as my husband and baby Ashlee both very excited I was too of course!

This was our photo in Changi Airport Singapore. I’m wearing my hat I bought in Bali Indonesia for our Bali Honeymoon. My baby Ashlee in pink! So cute!

We stayed in Tony Lodge Khaolak, As everyone else who’s going to attend the wedding were staying there at the same time! We had a blast believe me! Didn’t have a photos of the Lodge’s swimming pool or other facilities Coz I didn’t have enough time everyone’s busy and tired.

So after We settled our things inside our hotel room’s, We rushed going out to have some lunch and We ended up to this restaurant just across the street and It’s really nice eating there with an open space and so breezy!

Picture! Picture! Don’t you love the beachy set up of this restaurant? I love the ambience there.

I had sweet and sour pork with rice of course!

David ordered this chicken fried dish with salad on the side. That’s all the photos I’ve got from that restaurant! haha But We had some Fish with ginger and mixed vegetable which We call chopsuey in the Philippines, and of course my husband ordered the Massaman Curry which ranked as number one (1) in an article titled World’s 50 most delicious foods! Well, It is really yummy! Everyone in the Aussie crew loves it! For me it taste like Filipino’s chicken curry haha! No offence! That’s only my opinion. Maybe there’s something with the nuts as an ingredients of it!

My husband and I had this yummy mixed fruit juice! It’s so yummy! And thirst quencher! 

For the dessert, Everyone had a yummy ice cream! We actually chose three flavour for our ice-cream!

After that yummy lunch, We all had a bit of a catnap and had some island shopping. Had to buy another dress for the wedding since the red one We bought was too formal for the wedding hehe 

One of the streets around Khaolak Centre. I love the ambience walking around there coz it’s more of a nature while you go shopping!

We usually had to ride the taxi going to everywhere. Above picture is what they call taxi. Like a super mini jeepney haha Nice riding in there taxi though so breezy for a very hot weather! We paid 400baht going to the surf shop and 100baht going to Khaolak Centre.

Ashlee and me playing in the beach! She loves the beach so much! She don’t even want to go back home haha. We had to go in the beach like 4pm Thailand’s time every time, Because I’m so scared to be so dark and so was Ashlee! The sun is almost down that time, So everyone who would like to take picture of the sunset was there! 

This is Memories Bar! We spent most of our time and dinner and bonding here. Everyone’s so friendly and very accommodating. You can do anything you want! Overflowing drinks and foods! And takenote, They cook very yummy food too! They have free sun beds, umbrella’s A wooden swing, And a small nipa huts for eating. You can have your very relaxing massage by the beach there too! Whatta life there!

This was the whole crew! The Aussie’s with the very friendly Thai’s! Everyone had a blast!

So the Memories Bar is a part of our relaxing holiday. It feels just like home. No need to worry about anything. They’ve got everything for you! And of course everyone’s a friend with a delicious foods as well! All in one package! More blog about Phuket coming! God Bless xx

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23 thoughts on “PHUKET THAILAND 1 ARRIVAL + video

  1. I want to go to Phuket, Thailand too!!! Your blog post doesn’t help ’cause it makes me want to go to Thailand more 🙁

  2. Looks like you really enjoyed the trip to Phuket. The video and the photos show how you did. Being with your adorable daughter and hubby made every moment worthwhile.

  3. I am really so envious!! I wish I could travel to Phuket too!! 🙂

  4. I have always wondered about Phuket, Thailand and now you’ve given me a glimpse of it.

  5. Wow! that sure looked like a fun trip 🙂 The beach looks wonderful and the food, oh so yummy 🙂 and your little girl is as lovely as you are 🙂

  6. I’ve never been to Phuket! But I’ve been eyeing a visit there. More so when I read through your journey there. 🙂

  7. very true Rochkirstin though some of them manage nmn to still understand and still can speak english

  8. Looks like you all had a great time. Cute video 😀 And that Memories Bar surely has a lot of memories in there.. :p

  9. I guess you really had a great trip in Phuket! And gotta love the name of the bar. Memories Bar! 😀

  10. I had a chance to attend a wedding in Phuket before but I had to pass and seeing your trip. I’m thinking I should have gone to Phuket.

    1. true! the beach where we had that party and we stayed for the week was in a place called khao lak then then we moved to another hotel to phuket.

  11. Its a really well-documented trip to Phuket with matching video. Though you could have hosted your video sana. =P

    1. i just started making a video which is very different for me coz i am actually talking myself in the video im still trying to get used to it. i get blank wen im nervous hehe

  12. Your writing has definitely inspired me to really re think my way of writing. I have to tell you I appreciate your great work.

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