Had fun with my husband, baby Ashlee, and of course with my sister Grace walking around Arab Street the other day. Even though it’s really hot that time We still managed to have a bit of a walk in Arab Street.
Here is my sister and I with this macho guy!! haha I don’t know him actually.. hihi **wink**
 With had some hummus as well to fill our tummy up! and got level up our energy for walking.
My husband had this so yummy turkish coffee!! So yummy that we keep on coming back!!
A mosque near the restaurant where we always eat. A lot of tourists here as well.
Here’s our very cute Ashlee with some of the artistic walls (I can say?) along Haji Lane Street.
You can do a bit of a shopping as well while you’re walking around, and doing some sightseeing.
My sister’s outfit that day, A dress with skulls everywhere, a cute chanel bag, flip flops, and a white sunglasses.
My outfit!! A half shouldered top with a zebra head design? (not sure about that). A grey leggings, and a silver sandals.   follow me on chictopia guys!! and vote for my photo!! click the link!! thanks guys!!
Had to put my hair up like in this picture since it’s really hot that day for me to walk if I’m gonna let my hair down. You guys know for sure how long my hair is, and how thick it is! So I just had to do it though, It totally gave me a headache, coz it was so heavy. We had fun that day! Will blog about the Little India next as well!! thanks for reading guys God Bless!! xx

18 thoughts on “ARAB STREET WITH SISSY

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  2. your photos alone has hot tempt.
    Surely you realise that the guy in the photo is a boxer,
    with his boxing belt and all that.
    but I guess you are right, you need not know.
    Like you probably, Im no fan of boxing

  3. Hot, humid day at Arab street, guess sulit naman for the fun you’ve experience. Ang cute naman ni daughter mo.

  4. i went a few times there to have some turkish and indian food. the best briyani yet!

  5. Nice! This is surely fun. You really had some awesome time. I wish to go there someday, too. 🙂

  6. hahahahah the guy you where with, He is sooo hot. . .hahahah and oh, i love those foods. .

  7. Sun’s up up walking around doesn’t matter with all those things 🙂 Pretty girls then

  8. Nice shot of the Mosque and I like all your outfits, especially the half shouldered top. 🙂

  9. Cool Sisters with cute baby 🙂 Looks yummy nga yung coffe pero garlic bread ba yung nasa plate? hehe

  10. That place looks interesting to walk around in. I like wandering in different places just to feel the overall vibe of the place.

  11. what a wonderful day to spend it with the family and much more to have an experience of the arab way of life or at least observe it in Arab St.

  12. Your top and hair complements very well. And I love your sister’s outfit… soooo chic! 😉

  13. The Turkish coffee looks stunning, though I don’t really like the smell of coffee but I’m okay just looking at it. 😀 you both look stunning too Mary and Grace.

  14. That was a nice walk on a warm day but you both look ready to brave the weather and enjoy the scenery.

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