A very exciting event happened and took place at Isetan Suria KLCC last December  8, 2012 Saturday. Yes! I bet you guys already knew about it and guessing that you were there as well to watch and see the FORUCHIZU FASHION SHOW. Japanese clothing and accessories that both famous bloggers @cheesie @Fourfeetnine’s been working so hard and now everyone’s been craving for it to have in their closet. Two of them love Japanese Fashion and Take-note that it’s their addiction already that they actually go to Japan like its their hometown! If you’re a follower of these two cute blogger, You will actually read most is about their Japan trips and will enjoy their japanese looks or what they call coordinates. How fun is it stalking with these two girls on their blog? Am I the only one? hehe

IMG_7428 IMG_7392


How pretty is her hair with the wired-kitty-ears headband?

IMG_7398 IMG_7405

Spotted him at the Fashion Show! Hello @timothytiah! (Stalking much! Blame my friend Jonha! joke)


So we actually had the chance to have a photo with him. His married girls! Go Away! hahaha =P


The people went to Isetan to watch the Fashion Show! Going gaga over Foruchizu’s collections!


Talking about gaga. Spotted gaga-like shoes can you see it? Plus the VIVI magazines they’re selling at the Fashion Show.


I actually bought one so I can get 20% off or something if I purchase Foruchizu items. But I actually didn’t buy anything, Boo me! Too many people for me to go shopping. But will surely get one before Christmas haha!


I actually did’nt recognized @bobostephanie that time she was in front of me standing playing with her phone with another guy also when she arrived, after we asked @timothytiah for a photo. Just so blank, and only recognized her while I was reviewing my photos. Maybe a photo with her next time? hehe


Chitchating with @bobostephanie.


And finally a photo with them two gorgeous ladies! L-R Jonha, Audrey w/c happened to be @timothytiah’s lovingly wife (told you guys!) and Cheesie and ME. haha!

IMG_7427 IMG_7424 IMG_7429 IMG_7433

Can somebody as well tell me who this girl is? What’s her name? haha My friend Jonha really like her  and we both adored how cute her smile while she was walking at the Fashion Show. Oh! Foruchizu! I love them blouse, pants and accessories actually, Not bad at all. Maybe I just didn’t get the catch while the models were walking that time wearing Foruchizu collection. Meaning, few of them looks like they don’t feel the clothes they’re wearing that time or maybe not in the mood at all haha! Though, I was stunned with the tallest girl who walked and modelled that time she walks so gracious and so is you know she really do modelling haha. Plus the girl with the super blonde girl looks so cool! Cute smile she got as well. Camera men were actually attracted by her I guess. My sister Grace, Jonha and I enjoyed the event. Thank you also Jonha for being so convincing that time or else I never had a photo with them haha. Now I know that I need to bring you in the future events! Your my working buddy now! Hope you guys like this posts about these two famous bloggers that brought Japanese Fashion in Malaysia! Leave me sweet comments pretty please and subscribe on my youtube as well. x0x0 =)

FULL FORUCHIZU FASHION SHOW VIDEO HERE:So sorry also if its a bit blurry and all. I was at the back and I needed to raise my arms so high just to get something nice but I was moving all the time and it’s darn tiring ok? and as the models were walking as well my focus keeps on changing plus the models didn’t pose infront of the audience as you can see in the video. So there’s no chance I can get photos of them. I have to actually put my elbows on my sister’s shoulder just to stay still. Kudo’s to me anyway! Total effort for getting this video right? Better to have one than nothing at all.  haha!

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In this generation where each and every one of us find ourselves sitting in front of our computers/laptops, Specially those people who’s so busy sitting in the office, working. Most of the time of course we are all thinking to just chill out for a bit or at least take sometime to go and shop around various malls. But since everybody looks so busy now, Shopping online makes everyone happy and satisfied! No need to hop in to the mall. A lot of various product that can be found online now! Examples are Urban Outfitters, New Look, Topshop, Zara, H&m, Forever21 and a lot more famous brands. So why waste time going to the mall?

Mallzee is the new “IT”online vitual mall in today’s generation. Over 200 brands working with Mallzee, you’ll be able to find items from shops you like, Urban Outfitter, Feel Unique, St. Tropez and New Look have already signed on, and they’re getting bigger and bigger! Here how it goes:

  • You create your own personal online or virtual Mall.
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Another great idea is you earn money by doing this. Be sure to invite your friends and when they shop or buy something to your “Own Mall” you get paid as well! How cool is that? Every one of us will surely like the idea that you get paid to shop right? I know it sounds impossible but it’s totally real!
So why not Sign up now for an exclusive pre-launch invite to be one of the first to experience Mallzee. Plus enter the contest to be able to win £100 ($155). I know you guys are excited and so am I! Check out their website now Plus visit their other social websites like Pinterest Twitter Facebook Google+ and Youtube to keep you guys updated: Hope you guys can join this Fashion Revolution and earn money as well! Thanks All God Bless! xx

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Another super quick post of what I wore during our Batam escape in Indonesia. This outfit wasn’t planned or very hard to think about since we’re not going to attend any formal occasions or any ceremonies. I opted for the simplest outfit that I can throw in inside my backpack. I thought racerback, spagetti tops, tank tops or a simple t-shirt would be the simplest thing I can have in this trip in which I will feel comfortable as well walking around in that very busy day!



The no make-up super bare face!




Colourful Accessories

Black Cardigan

Cambodia T-shirt from Ms. Kristi Stepp Thank you so much!



IMG_4671 IMG_4672 IMG_4676 IMG_4686 IMG_4687-1 IMG_4688-1 IMG_4690-1 Thank you so much to Ms.Kristi Stepp again for giving me another tank top from her previous trip in Cambodia. Thanks to my husband also who always take my pictures whenever. haha! Whenever I go travelling I always try to pack light as I can. So ended up bringing tank tops or any simple clothes or leggings too. I tried to stay away also from super colourful clothes just because I want my accessories to be noticeable to other people. Took this photos also out in our hotel balcony.Hope you guys liked this Outfit! Kindly read my previous post about our Batam Escape Here and HERE. Thanks much guys! God Bless x0x0

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Have you ever been in a country and spent your time going around the place in just 24hours? Did you enjoyed all the things you captured in your camera and you have seen in 24hours? Can you actually see all the tourist-spots in 24 hours? Did you enjoy the party and the vibe of the city? Well I guess we all have a different experiences in terms of going around places we all have that different techniques on how to see and capture photos of a country or place in 24 hours. This time, My family and our friend Sarah enjoyed our 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You won’t believe how Sarah and I actually managed to have walked everywhere in 3inches high-heeled shoes. Enjoy the photos guys!


I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for so many times already. But since my father-in-law and my friend Sarah are both first timers visiting this lovely place, We have to walk all over again and capture a lot of photos that seemed to never end.  Petronas Tower and The Pavilion Crystal Fountain, It is the Tallest Liuli Crystal Fountain in Malaysia endorsed by The Malaysia Book of Records. I love how this fountain changes its colours! Watch this!

IMG_3310 24-hours-in-KL9

Guess who’s with us while walking around Bukit Bintan walk? Yeah! Never say never but Justin Bieber looking so cute standing in front of Sephora store. My daughter says she still likes the big teddies! haha

24-hours-in-KL3 24-hours-in-KL10

Of course! If you go to Bukit Bintan, You might want to go gaga and shopping overload! Guess who’s the shopaholic? haha You might want to read my previous post about shopping in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and This shopping experience also.


Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube? I know everyone’s high in this thong/slippers! But what can I say! It’s totally superb! You’re in 24 hours!


My daughter Playing in this life-size big size what ever you call this, She enjoyed the time at the party!


The first reason why we actually went to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is to attend The Man of the hour’s Birthday Mr. Ernie! woot! woot!


I know we look very drunk here! haha I won’t admit it! I have the evidence in my hands! The vodka girls ever! Well, we had some whiskey as well!


 The party!


Well, Hello there Boy! Where’s your clothes? haha!


Riding the KL’s Express Train going to the Airport and Monorail.


Have a cup of coffee at O’ Briens and some Cupcakes while waiting to Board the plane. I know it’s sounds very tiring and indeed everyone’s tired from this trip! But hey! It’s worth all the walking with high-heels and even we felt the so hot sun walking around Kuala Lumpur Malaysia we’re all very happy having the sweat! haha We enjoyed the whole 24 hours we spent walking around the city and partying with Mr. Ernie! Thank guys! God Bless! x0x0 n_____n

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