Johor Bahru Malaysia is a neighbour country of Singapore. It is just a 15-20 minutes bus drive away from Singapore. You can either just ride a taxi or drive your own car as well. We decided to bring Allan and Fay there to enjoy a bit of a shopping haven of a good ole’ half price shopping spree! It will add another passport stamp as well since you’ll be visiting another country, Just by bus! Isn’t it amazing to think? Enjoy the photos! xoxo


IMG_2364 IMG_2370 IMG_2378

The Sultan Ibrahim Building, the state secretariat’s office in Johor Bahru.

IMG_2382 IMG_2386 IMG_2387-1

Spotted the poor chicken!! haha!

IMG_2389 IMG_2391 IMG_2393 IMG_2394 IMG_2397 IMG_2398 IMG_2400 IMG_2411

See the ICA/ Singapore Immigration? When you go to the airport, Their doing the same process as well as for stamping your passport since you’re visiting another country, Though you’re just using the bus. It is just a bridge away. Someone told me as well that if it’s a long holiday people just walk on the bridge since the buses or cars don’t even move at all because of the long queue maybe in the immigration! I went in Johor Bahru with my friend Violy just this week as well. She bought some souvenirs to bring back in Denmark for a long holiday. I hope you enjoyed guys! God BLess! xoxo

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Heya guys! I’m back after so long being absent in the blogging world!! Continuing my story and blogging once again about our Da lat Vietnam escapade, All the crew started the beautiful morning with some yummy breakfast! As usual I had my fried eggs veggies and Vietnamese bread. It was indeed a wonderful weather for me! Eating our breakfast just beside the lake is such a nice and fun view to eat together with your friends and family!


This was the nearest Swan ride just beside us while we were eating that time! There’s a restaurant called the Bluewater Restaurant and their food was so yummy! This lake as well is the first thing you will see if ever you’re going to visit Da lat Vietnam.

IMG_0661 IMG_0669

So the story goes, and yes! Da lat Vietnam is also known as The Paris of Vietnam! Obviously having this really cute tower and that round-about for cars is indeed a feeling like you’re in Paris! Well, I’ve never been to Paris or any part of the nearest place I can be but Indeed this place as well is very romantic for those love birds who’s in for a honeymoon and very romantic place to explore. Seeing really nice big bunch of flowers, Cool nice breeze, Yummy foods and of course very clean place is the way to go!


So lucky to have this photo taken with our friend Allan. One of the family and our friends as well booked their hotel just right where you can see the whole Da lat Vietnam gorgeous view! The round about, The lake and The small Paris Tower is way too cool seeing just outside of their Balcony!


Love strawberries? Yeah! After the nice lovely breakfast, and picture-taking of the views from our friends hotel balcony, Here we are picking the ever fresh and so sweet strawberries I’ve ever had!


I’m not fond of strawberries or anything berries, But living in a healthy way now I have bunch of them inside our fridge! Here’s my daughter so happy picking her own strawberries trying to fill in the box she’s holding.


Mommy daughter time again! Still picking strawberries! Sorry for the so awkward picture of me holding my iPhone every time! I was trying to get some video! Because it’s gonna be so long again till we can visit this place once again.


The whole Vietnamese crew picking some strawberries as well! Not just me! They’re even eating the strawberries right away after they picked them! That’s how so yummy the fresh picked fruits are!


Oh! Before we arrived to the strawberry farm, We noticed this cute little houses from far away. We thought it was the Farmers houses or something else, But then We all figured out it is a small cemetery just right before the strawberry farm! Kinda creepy to think that I’m eating the strawberries just near from the cemetery Too late to realise haha!


                      All the crew lining up to go get in the car and start our journey again!!

IMG_0762 IMG_0770

On our way to somewhere I don’t know what to call this place. Allan and I was so eager to see this really big buddha we saw when we visited the Flower Park. Lucky we were on the same road going back to our hotels. We did went up to the hill to see the buddha and surprisingly we saw some tourists as well!


Mimi praying to the Buddha with Ashlee looking up as well. She was supposed to follow Mimi but then maybe because she was so shy or She didn’t get the detail of what Mimi were doing. It’s just amazing though, that the whole trip They were both happily playing doing a bit of sign languages, Because Mimi cannot speak english that much yet. How wonderful kids are! Interesting kids.


The entrance going up the hill to the big Buddha! We thought that cars aren’t allowed to go up but then we’re half way the hill already when motorbikes and tourist vans started to come down haha! Too late for us!


Mimi’s father and a great Vietnamese friends of ours praying to the buddha. Mr. Long is such a good father and a husband! His family is great to be with accompanying us whenever we go and visit Vietnam. His family will make sure to entertain us every time we’re there! He owns a very nice restaurant and Very good food too! Thanks for letting us ride your car as well! Up all the way in Da lat Mountains and around Ho Chi Minh. Such a great memories to remember always. Thanks guys! God bless! xx





Our last day in Phuket Thailand with the Hughes Family, Jack and Caitlin. Debbie made this really good decision to hired a van or mini bus for all of us to check out the whole town! That day was amazing! I love seeing those places We haven’t been to. Of course it was fun with all the nice people with us that day.

This is a photo of Ashlee and I right in front of the beach where We stayed in Phuket Thailand. I love seeing those tourists feeling so at home and relaxing, sun bathing and getting some tans!

Ice cream any one? Photos of the crew eating ice creams in our first destination and playing with Ashlee as well in the playground. I don’t know where we went exactly in this trips but this first place we’ve been to were overlooking the whole Phuket town. I think the place was called Khao Rang hill. A great view of Phuket town, The southern part of the island, and some of the offshore islands, can be obtained by going to the top of Khao Rang Hill, on the towns Northeast border. Photos above.

Next stop was the Chinatown. It is on the North Western side of the city around Thanon Thalang. Well, I guess every where in the world you’d be there is a place called Chinatown. I’m not that excited though, because the entire place is  the same as every Chinatown I’ve been to. Specially My family always walks around Chinatown in Singapore. The whole crew had some small shopping around the place and I bought one hat as well and I really love it. Tried to bargain but I’m really not good at it. haha! My husband and Spring (Debbie’s husband) walked together and when they came back Spring got this really nice fireworks he bought so cheap. Photos above.

After the small shopping at Chinatown. We all felt so hungry so the driver took Us in this very lovely place that we had our lunch just beside the beach. Ashlee enjoyed playing sand with her Aunt Caitlin. Photos above of all our seafood lunch! I can’t say it’s very delicious or what so ever. But it’s not that bad though, still love my mango salad. Their seafood’s felt not so safe for all of us. But the ambiance of the whole place was fantastic for all of us I guess. Think of eating all day just beside the beach, It’s like just 5 steps away from the water haha! At least before we leave Phuket we had some seafood’s though.

After lunch. We went to this another over-looking place again. It was another amazing place We’ve been to. I love the whole place, The water was so peaceful and quiet. On our way home as well, The driver was too kind to just gave us sometime to take some beautiful and nice photos of the beaches around. Those photos with lots of blue umbrella’s were just perfect! They’re so tiny from where we all standing at, just beside the street but we know and see how gorgeous those beaches are!

Before we leave Phuket of course, We had to take some photos at least a couple of our bungalow where we stayed. The place is called The Tropical Bungalow. It is a very nice place very good for all of the tourists who wants to stay just right in front of the beach, So you don’t have to walk that far just to get some tan. Just open the door of your bungalow or have something to eat in their restaurant and your right in front of the beach! And the Famous Bangla street where everything happens is just beside the corner also! I’m sure my husband knows about everything in Phuket haha! God Bless xx!





After the amazing wedding event! The next day, Everyone had their “relaxing day”. We all went to the Memories Bar/Surf shop and just relaxed, enjoyed the beach and enjoyed the whole family bonding. Since I started blogging about this Phuket Thailand holiday, You guys must have noticed that I’ve been saying a lot of things about Memories Bar.

So this is how it looks like in Memories Bar in the day. Every one’s getting their tans, relaxing and just enjoying their holidays as well. Don’t you guys love the colourful umbrella’s?

Memories Bar offers a lot of fun things, So if you guys visit them, It’s totally worth it and your gonna be so relax and at the end of the day you can say to your self “This is what holiday and relaxing is”. Definitely love their foods as well! All the people works in that Bar were totally adorable, nice and friendly! They will always serve you with a big nice smile. And most importantly it’s a very nice place for the families out there, for kids and mom&dad. Definitely a friendly place!
From the time We arrived in Memories Bar, My husband and I checked out the massage part place in the beach. I totally wanted to have a massage every time we’re in a holiday. Who don’t want a massage on a holiday? Right?
Since It’s very shiny, the sun was all out the beach that day, And I’m a kind of a “shy girl” if you guys what i mean. I’m not really into “beach thing”. I don’t like wearing bikinis or anything too bare for me or I must say I have this personal thing I have that I’m really frustrated of. Even though I’m really dying for a full body massage that day, I just can’t. So then I decided to just have a foot massage =( . I’m happy how the girl worked on each of my foot. It totally relaxed me even for at least an hour, It’s really amazing. I almost fall asleep.
So after the nice, relaxing massage, here I am jumping all around the beach! So in love with thisjump shot! haha plus the hat jumping at the same time with me. **wink**
I had a lot of photos from the beach and I’m in love with all of them. My husband is just the perfect personal photographer for me haha. He knows what I want. His my best friend.

I’ve never been happier seeing our baby Ashlee enjoying the beach as well. I thought that She’s gonna be afraid of the waves in the beach because We really never been in a beach and just stayed in there. Every time we go on a holiday, We’re all after the sightseeing and shopping etc. but not staying in the beach. I should say thank you to Barbie Queen of the waves! Ashlee loves watching her surfing, So maybe Ashlee’s trying to copy Barbie enjoying the beach as well. I’m totally happy!

My beach moment with Ashlee playing and chasing the waves. She totally loves it. She’s so energetic and she’s like everywhere and doesn’t care about anything else! haha A kid thing happening in this beach scenario.
I know you guys love this sunset! My husband took this one and I think it’s awesome! We had another sunset photo as well in Bali Indonesia before but not as gorgeous and not as dark coloured as this one! I didn’t do any editing for this one. I think it’s already awesome! No need to edit or anything.
Of course! definitely must have a sunset couple shot! So all of us had a couple shot, And I’m really happy seeing all the couples with us looking so in love, and kissing each other. Love that moment.

If there’s a couple shot, There’s a friend shots as well! Here’s a photo of Bronte, Viv, and Me with the sunset. I know you guys can’t see the sunset but there was a sunset, believe me! haha I call this, “A not so sunset friendly shot” =D We all look so cute.
Just want you to know guys that I love this photo as well. High-lighting the Memories Bar/Surf Shop’s Surf board, With the Aussie crew as the background or blurry part of this photo. My husband did a great job with all the photos that day!

So here’s what it looks like every time were in Memories Bar. We always got these wooden tables around and enjoying each other’s company drinking and chit-chatting. Laughing all day & all night long.
A family photo that day! Thanks to David again for taking this photo! haha Almost all our family photo in these trip was taken by him. Such a nice guy! So it turned out that everyone enjoyed the day. We’re all so happy about the family bonding. We’re all satisfied and enjoyed each and every one’s company. Such a nice day for everyone to catch up since most of them never seen each other for a long time. What an amazing time We had!

A quick video at the beach!