Where to Get Discounts for Prom Dresses


Shoppers are crazy over discounts for their apparels, home improvement items and groceries. This is to stretch the budget until the next payday. If your daughter is attending a prom for the first time, you can shop her prom dress … Continue reading

Basic Things You Must Know When Buying a Perfect Cocktail Dress

1-Basic Things You Must Know When Buying a Perfect Cocktail Dress

Having a cocktail dress in your wardrobe is a must if you are a go-getter or a party animal. The style of a cocktail dress is ideal for all types of special events but finding the perfect dress is a … Continue reading

Top 5 Best Dressed at the Grammys 2014


Awards ceremonies are always amazing, especially when it comes to checking which celebrities had the best outfits.  In late January, the Grammys served as one of the first awards shows of the year, giving celebrities a chance to strut their … Continue reading

Red All You Want! Fashion Inspiration for Men and Women under P999


Happy CNY everyone! and Don’t forget that February is the Love Month as well so for today I wanted to show you guys a lists of fashion budget finds under P999 that you can find at Lazada Philippines. All of … Continue reading

5 Tips to Select the Best Party Dress in Winter


No matter what the season or what the weather is, you always want to be dressed up for special occasions and look your best. Fashion never stops, so you cannot afford to not look your best. The best thing for … Continue reading

Cleocat Wholesale Shop For Your Fashion Needs

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So after posting my 3 or maybe 4 wish lists this new year a.k.a mood board a.k.a inspiration this 2014, I am still looking and hungry for some more. Below are the two things that I received and came to … Continue reading

How to Dress for a Cocktail Reception


A cocktail reception is a party where guests mingle and share drinks. There are different types of cocktail receptions however the most popular being the cocktail wedding reception. Businesses do hold cocktail reception for corporate events, inauguration, and it might … Continue reading

A Simple Prom Dress Shopping Guide For Petite Women


In the society that we have today, tall and thin figures are the types of body that most women aspire to have. As a result, women who were not blessed with much height get quite insecure and body conscious. Remember … Continue reading