Oman – What to do in 48 Hours?

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Oman, Muscat (Al Buraimi) – What to do in 48 Hours?

Oman, Muscat is one of the nice country that you can via road trip or driving your car from Dubai. You can go from up the border of Hatta Dubai or in Al Ain Dubai. Muscat is still few hours away from the said borders, Next to those Borders are Oman, Buraimi which is a famous place for tourists to enter Oman or for other people Exit and renew their Dubai Visa.

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Oman, oman blogger, dubai blogger, travel

We Visited Oman, Al Buraimi just to go with all the process and experience it. There’s really not much of places to visit if you come there to renew your dubai visa via Travel Agency, That means that you’re just stuck in your hotel or around the vicinity that you can walk to. Of course the weather is the same like Dubai meaning, that best to come is Winter and Not quite in Summer 😅

We drove there, and stayed in GOLDEN STAR HOTEL Al Buraimi CLICK ME to read my hotel review. Food in Oman Al Buraimi is also the same and nothing different from Oman. We thought that it is quite cheaper than Dubai too! We ate in this Restaurant called Al Jaaza just next to our hotel. They have friendly staffs and seems like a favourite to go place amongst fellow tourist or filipinos around. Foods were delicious too and well cooked!

Oman, oman blogger, dubai blogger, travel

While staying there, We drove around to a Park but it was already too hot to play or even go in and walk. We soon then drove to no where haha as we don’t know really know where to go. Just drive and drive until we found this CAVE PARK! oh! Aren’t we lucky? 😆 We entered that park and play around, walked up to the hills and inside the cave which is basically under the rock and nothing else deeper that that. You can watch the video so you can understand what I mean. We went to Al Khandaq Fort too which is close at that time so we took photos outside instead they call it a Castle as well.

Oh! IMPORTANT THING is you have to drive to Oman Immigration and get your passport stamp before you go back to Dubai, UAE. From Hili Border in Al Ain or from your hotel, You have to drive about an hour via Sohar-Buraimi Road, until you reach the Stop of OMAN, UAE BORDER POST where you can park there and go to the counter and pay for your Visa stamp, Once you got your visa stamp of entering or leaving Oman Buraimi, Then now you can drive back to Hili – Al Ain Border to enter Dubai Again.

If you have any questions about Oman Al Buraimi, Just let me know and would love to help and answer you as soon as possible in the comment section down below.

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