Hi guys! Who else here loves doing their shopping in Daiso Japan? I admit that I’ve been so addicted to Daiso Eversince! Even though I am not really going to buy something that I really needed I still have this urge to splurge for shopping and still I can manage to find something really interesting to buy here. It’s very addictive to do your shopping in this shop, You know what I mean if you, yourself is a fan as well. There’s a lot of things to buy in here. You can’t even think How they manage to organize all the stuffs here w/c gives me a headache after doing my shopping. There’s a lot of products to choose from!IMG_5454IMG_5453

Daiso Japan is located at the first floor (1st flr.) or they call it Yellow Zone in BB Plaza or Sungei Wang. It is directly connected to the monorail. Ride the monorail and Go down at Bukit Bintang Station. You can see the bridge photo above after you come out of the monorail station. After the bridge you turn right  and you’ll see two doors, Go inside straight and just ask the first seller of a stall if where’s the Daiso japan since that is the easiest way you can find it. No need to go down or up another floor because the bridge which is connected to BB Plaza is in the First Floor already so just go around and ask to find out if where’s Daiso. hehe Hope this instructions are clear enough for all of you hehe. IMG_5455

IMG_5459 IMG_5457 IMG_5456

I love Daiso Japan! Even my sister got so addictive also doing her shopping here. All the price is RM5/5ringgit only. If you’re in Singapore, They have Daiso also in Vivo City, Ion Orchard and the last I can remember is they also have in Plaza Singapura everything for 2sgd. only. So cheap right? Iwish we have in Philippines as well. I’m sure my mom is going to be so addicted as we do here in Malaysia. I am happy that I found this place and its very near to our house also. Only two stops from where we are using the monorail. They have other branches also like in Sunway pyramid and more bigger than the one in Bukit Bintang. Hope this information will help my readers or the future visitor in Malaysia.  More cheap & convenient to buy in this shop for the things you’ll need.




  • Niceee! It looks like it does have a lot of food finds here. Amazing! 🙂

  • marrimye

    Assorted… affordable… almost everything is available in one place. I’m sure your shopping bag will get loaded with a lot of stuff.

  • whoah!!! pkenty of things to buy.. the 88 shop here in Philippines..

  • haven’t been to a Daiso store in the Philippines. How’s the stuff they’re selling. I once went shopping on a similar store but turned out being disappointed because the stuff I bought didn’t last long

  • yaniconquistadora

    There’s a lot to discover from this store. I love dropping by at this store too (though here nga lang sa Pinas) even if I do not intend to buy something 🙂

  • This place it really interesting. I hope I can pass by this place when I’m in Manila.

  • i saw a shop like that in robinson manila and yes they are really very affordable.

  • You’re making me love this place! 🙂

  • I loooove Daiso! I also like shopping in Daiso Philippines hehehe The thought that everything is PHP88 makes shopping there so addicting that I end up buying more than what I planned to buy! 😀

  • That’s a lot of selection that comes with cheap price. Here in the philippines there are similar stores that offers cheap products from japan but they’re only offer limited selections.

  • Looking at the boxes and organizers making me drool.. I don’t know, I think I just like to keep things tidy. Too bad there’s no Daiso here yet in Cebu.. as far as I know

  • I love Daiso, we have it in Qatar for QR2 each.

  • hehehe… I also enjoy shopping at Daiso. Kahit wala nman bibilhin dapat, meron akong madadampot na gusto kong iuwi. haha!

  • Maria Gemma Defeo-Hilotin

    I have yet to experience riding in a monorail… bano! hehe I’d love to see Daiso parang dollar store ata no?

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    We also have Daiso in the Philippines but prices are more expensive when compared to JP, MY and SG. Items are also limited. 😐

  • daiso is here in leyte Robinsons tacloban particularly, all of their products are at 88php

  • There are no hangers that many in Daiso here. I enjoy being in Daiso but even though it’s just 88 pesos, I always end up checking out with 1,000+ items bought. hahaha

  • DAISO is like UNITOP here in Davao. Well I guess just like that, they sale cheap items and love their products too.

  • Geoffrey Ledesma

    aha! This is helpful since I’m planning to go to Malaysia soon 😀

  • LOL you really got this sign of being a shopaholic. All in one store si Daiso Japan!

  • Janna Joshelle Parel

    I used to always go to Daiso when I was in Singapore. Shopping heaven!

  • I can totally relate to buying something you don’t really need… lalo na pag cute. Di ko mapigilan! This looks like a nice place. 🙂

  • Looks like you can find everything you’ll ever need here.

  • eyahnism

    natawa ako sa nakatuwad sis LOL 🙂 are you staying in Malaysia ba or vacation lang? 🙂

    • haha nkita mo yun dear! haha wrong timing c ate ih! saktong sakto yung pose haha I live in malaysia dear! klilipat lng nmin dti sa SG. slmt deaR! @eyahnism:disqus muah!

      • eyahnism

        wow talaga galing naman 🙂

  • The last time we were in SG, my Mum went hoarding for pasalubong at Daiso. Haha. 🙂

  • wow.. and it’s not expensive at all? that sure is my kind of place!!!

  • Wow!! Big Daiso! I want to go there!! 😀

  • MissApriil

    DAISO! Shopping haven for girls like us. Hihihi

  • Wow the shopping store has a lot to offer, like it!

  • Daiso is huge, huge bargain place! I love visiting its branches here in Manila ; )


  • Earth Rullan

    I love shopping at Daiso too, lots of very affordable finds. I notice most of your post are about KL do you live there now for good or just for work? Earthlingorgeous