Talk about shopping and hauls again! Here I am posting another shopping of my dear sister! She bought this stuffs to my previous posts I-Socks at Berjaya Times Square. She totally enjoyed the store that she even signed up for a membership card for some great deals in the future! hopefully I can buy something there also in the future so I can just use her membership card haha.


 Trying out the wigs we bought in the store right after we settled all the stuffs in our house and started camwhoring haha!cosplayisockstauyanm  Some nice printed stockings.cosplayisockstauyanm  A coffin box haha they’re indeed super cute!cosplayisockstauyanm  The lovely wigs! Planning to buy some more also! hehecosplayisockstauyanmcosplayisockstauyanm

 Studded bag. cosplayisockstauyanm Visit their store at Berjaya Times Square picture above.cosplayisockstauyanm Visit their website as well. (picture above)cosplayisockstauyanm

Totally going back to this shop since my sister and even my husband loves going to Berjaya Times Square. They actually have everything in that Mall! They even have tons of rides to choose from and Of Course the roller coaster ride is amazing inside the Mall. Which wigs looks much better to my sister and me? Pink or The Blonde one? I love both of them though. Wanted a really long wig hair next time! or the ones with high-lights so a lot of wigs to play with in the future! Might think of attending cosplay this year too! What you think guys? Hope you guys like this post! God Bless all X0x0 =)

Read my previous post about, I-Socks at Berjaya Times Square for more information about the store!




  • cute photos 🙂 i also like the bag 🙂

  • Bella Morcen

    Love the stockings!

  • Great bonding you have here with your sister, so lucky you have both to share the same things.

  • tsureishi

    I love the coffin box. I used to make those for a college finals project for my apparel design class… It was so hard to make ah!! Haha! May be your sis will like Leg Love stockings haha! I’m so happy to find a tights lover like me! Haha

  • you guys are all so lovely and cute!! im sort of starting to like stockings narin and trying to learn how to wear them soon 😀

  • I love the printed stockings! 😀 They’re very versatile and very fashionable. Anyway, seems like you and your sis really had fun! 😉 It’s nice to allot time for bonding. Love your photos with the wigs too 😉

  • Pretty sisters! And that studded bag is pretty, too. 🙂

  • Aside from the bonding that you get to have with your sister, the fun of looking at the products is also satisfying 😀 Nice wig and your sis looks cute!!

  • Looks like your sister is adopting your skills in fashion and having the time of her life shopping.

  • Nice bag, and you both of you looks cute with the wigs 😀

  • indeed! the coffin box is quirky yet fun!! would love to use it for my skull encrusted comb. you ladies always manage to find great loot!

  • you and your sister look lovely <3 the wigs! especially the pink one is just love <3

  • You two are lovely! Aw, I love your finds! This makes me miss bonding with my sister. <3

  • they have roller coaster ride inside the mall? wow cool. you both look very cute in both of the wigs 😀

  • You guys look so adorable. You look like small kids.

  • you girls are so cuuute!! :3 I love the wigs! I want the pink one. hihihihi.. <3

  • How old are you if you dont mind sis? hehehe You look so young. But nevertheless, that doesnt matter though. Ooh I love wigs! I love the colors of your wigs. they are so cute. 🙂 you remind me of my classmate in Highschool who is a big fan of costplay.

  • Cute wigs! Is it affordable there? It’s quite difficult to look for wigs here for costume parties. 🙂

  • I miss those days shopping with my sisters. You sure had a great day.