Hi guys! A quick post for today about our visit last time in Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay but this time we went there at night to see the super grove tree’s lighting and to watch the Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show. We started riding the MRT from our place since it is quicker and no traffic and more convenient and cheaper for all us. The whole place is totally different when its night-time. You can see much more tourists coming in to this two huge places since its not hot when the sun is down and you can witness those really big cameras everywhere all over the place with their tripod and expensive lenses trying to take really nice and good shots of the two famous places in Singapore. Have you tried visiting Marina Bay Sands And Gardens By The Bay at night? ENjoy!


Marina Bay Sands Singapore With my friends and kiddies!


My daughter Ashlee with Maria and Angelic at the Gardens By the Bay.


My friend Sarah wearing orange tee and Ms. Violy Magat Poulsen wearing white. Mom of Maria and Angelic.

IMG_4965 IMG_4982

Tickets going up to the bridge and get closer with the Super Grove trees.

IMG_4988 IMG_5005 IMG_5006 IMG_5033 IMG_5045

Do please watch this simple clip I made from Gardens By The bay at night! SUBSCRIBE PLS.!

IMG_5064 IMG_5094 IMG_5095 IMG_5104 IMG_5113

The Fullerton Hotel At Night!

IMG_5127 IMG_5139 IMG_5149

We’ve seen this lovely light & water show also after we had dinner At Marina Bay Sands Food Court.

IMG_5151 IMG_5153

The kids turned the MRT into a huge playground! Enjoying the long ride going back home.


Had This Ice Kachang also before we went home Thanks to Our friend who treated us with this yummy Sweet thing. Its like halo-halo in Philippines! The whole night was fun and my eyes were like such a full tummy looking at those amazing light that I’ve seen that night. The kids enjoyed all the places as well and got amazed with the Light and water show! Lucky I’ve got my camera ready and happy to managed to get the Full Video of that Light and Water Show. The Marina Bay Sands Light And Water Show Starts 9:30 and takes 12 to 13 minutes if you watch the full show. It repeats again at 11:30 pm if you guys wants to watch it.  And guess what? It’s for free! haha! Because your my lucky reader! You can watch it now below. Don’t forget to subscribe!! Thanks! God Bless x0x0 =D

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  • Jerwin Palapuz

    Love that place… I wish to go there… if ever :) Thanks for this post by the way :)

  • CarmisCaprice

    I wish to stay in MBS too! great photos :-)

  • Franc Ramon

    I like the garden by the bays better at night.

  • Angelique Misa

    Wow! This is a really nice place! I wish I can visit that place too! :)

  • Kero Pinkihan

    what a grand place to spend a holiday! Singapore is really on our must visit. I hope and pray we will have the budget to travel soonest. thank you very much for sharing!

  • Florence LM

    I really wish to take my daughter to Sg this year! Your photos intensified my excitement! Followed you on IG! :)

  • ruthilicious

    Nice pics! I would want to stay in Marina Bay Sands on my next visit to Singapore. ;) Would love to try the pool!

  • Raizamae Boldios

    first class.. nothing can compare how singa is.. tourist keep on coming because of how they execute in the most brilliant way technological advancement thru their attractions

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      true its brilliant enought to describe singapore. @linta_mimi:disqus

  • Pinoy Travel Freak

    Wow, I want see it personally. Never been to Singapore yet kaya I have something to look forward when I visit there. Great photos, btw. :)

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      a lot of new things now in singapore! @PinoyTravelFreak:disqus

  • ronleyba

    The place looks really great. Although I have this fear of height, it’s a must visit and try for me.

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      hahha you shud try indeed! @twitter-30815969:disqus

  • Francis Balgos

    The Marina Bay Sands really looks iconic.. Wishing to see and photograph it soon.

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      yeah! thanks @FrancisBalgos:disqus

  • Ellen Bernardino

    Singapore always has something new to offer that’s why tourists keep coming back.

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      thank you!

  • Donald Pagulong

    wow! Excellent photos! You did a great job as a tourist guide. Thanks for the online tour.

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      haha salamt @ellenbernardino:disqus

  • escapemanila

    Singapore is awesome! good food and great places to visit. I really love it there.

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      i know everything is good in singapore @Glentoy:disqus

  • Teresa Martinez

    Looking at the pictures make me feel that I’ve seen a good part of Singapore

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      thanks @a13d05968c16f3f07f42562fce8f7265:disqus

  • Kenneth Ravida

    I have seen this place only on Nat Geo, fantastic Engineering i must say I wish I could go there

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      please do go and visit it wont disappoint you at all! xx @google-91a9a79dc40b5d34ef86d7fa9326cfe1:disqus

  • Franc Ramon

    Singapore is really beautiful at night from the Singapore Flyer to MBS to the Merlion and now Garden by the Bay.

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      yes true @twitter-44335003:disqus

  • Patricia Tan

    I really envy you! Everytime I visit your blog lagi lang out of the country or basta lagi lang gala haha hindi kayo nauubusan ng pera? Sharee! haha Nacurious ako sa 4th photo to the last! Looks weird! :D

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      hi Patricia! nauubusan nmn kmi ng pera! Good planning strategy png thinking that some of the places here in singapore u don’t need to pay for money just go there and have some fun! haha Specially MRT is convenient also. THanks for dropping by gorgeous! muah! xx