Yesterday my husband craved for some steak or fish ‘n chips to eat for lunch. We had our lunch at Hot Tomato and had their yummy salmon and steak with pasta. After then we had some yummy chewy puffs from Chewy Junior Cafe’. Then I felt the total happiness after I’ve heard my husband that we can go and visit Footin shoe Store. They’re kinda like Charles and Keith before. See how Charles and Keith getting expensive already? Unlike before that I can buy shoes worth 20 to 30 dollars right? So hoping that Footin shoe store will stay in a good price range of their shoes and bags and of course good quality of their products as well. Enjoy the photos below and Oh! I used my iPhone for taking pictures here so please bear with them. hehe.

In front of Footin.

Very True!

My husband bought 4 pairs of shoes’! Two for me and two for my sister as well. What I love about Footin also is how the soles of their shoes are very comfortable to walk in. Their shoe soles have some paddings inserted in it that you can really feel it when you walk! And guess what? All their shoes are very light as in light! No heaviness or hard walking at all! I won’t buy it anyway if it’s heavy though, I always buy shoes for comfort, Even though it’s really gorgeous or even though it’s from Zara or Forever 21 If it’s heavy for me I won’t buy it! Lighter shoes is what I always want just because you know guys that I walk in high-heels like, For whole days! So comfort is a must for me! I am not just sure how much their man’s shoes and girl’s bags though, But girl’s shoes is around 19-25 sgd.! How cool is that? Plus they’re all fashionable too! You can never go wrong in buying shoes from them.! Hope you like this guys! Enjoy the day! Thanks everyone! God Bless x0x0 n______n

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  • Sakhi

    Footin is now in India too , yeeppy..

    All footwares are quite reasonable ..

  • kaka16

    Now I know where to look for cheaper shoes when I visit Singapore in May

  • Cai

    Ayayay! I hope someone would bring the brand here in Manila!

  • Tess Torrecampo

    ang daming shoes with different colors and style. I like the small purses too. you got 2 new shoes, that reminds me to get new one for me too.

  • Pal Raine

    OMG! Bags and shoes….ohhh I love them so much. So beautiful!

  • Maria Gemma Defeo-Hilotin

    It’s been a long time since shoe-shopping!!! I can’t wait for summer!!!

  • Jo-ann Ramirez

    They have a lot of good stuffs, like it! If I where there I surely shop every week.


    am a sucker of shoes…nyahahaha…and even more shopping for shoes… reading the post’s title itself made me drool..waaaaaah!!! good for you to have time to shop there…

  • ronleyba

    Shoes overload! Yikes!

  • Justin Vawter Greco T Buenagua

    their boat shoes are so cool!! they look so comfy plus they are very cheap.. a great place to shop in sg.. :)

  • Green Monday

    i guess that’s what every woman wants, lots of different shoes, ooh that’s affordable, i want to have one too.

  • JayLx |

    Singapore is on my bucket list! and this blog post makes me wanna go there … now! 😉

  • Archie M. de Lara

    Wow.. there are so many choice of footwear in this store. May sisters would love to visit this.

  • Teresa Martinez

    I’d probably be so confused with so many choices provided in this store you featured here. Well, more choices is always better .

  • Alvin Gaudan

    The words “shoes” and “women” should not be placed in a sentence or a phrase, or else.. Just kidding. 😀

  • yaniconquistadora

    Shoes are women’s weakness. This shop has reasonable price for good looking and flashy shoes and sandals in fairness :)


    i will take note of this article will be in singapore the last quarter of the year so hopefully I get to explore the cheapest place to go shoe shopping in Singapore.

  • Rizza Javier

    I love both the shoes and their prices, sis! Afowdabol! Weee!

  • Franc Ramon

    It’s good that there are cheaper alternative shoe stores there and you were able to add more shoes into your closet.

  • Donald Pagulong

    wow! fully loaded talaga ng shoes ang store na yan and medyo fair ang mga prices nila. Meron kaya nito dito sa atin?

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      Bka po yung Payless Shoe shop n sinasabi ni Mr. The City Roamer katulad po try po SIr DOnald hihi… thanks again! xx

  • Sarah Cabanlig

    Do they have like an outlet here in the PH? ohhh!lovin’ them shoes!

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      As Mr. The City Roamer answered below the comment box its kinda like Payless Shoe Shop. Maybe you can try there dear! thanks again @facebook-548903735:disqus xx

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    19-25sgd for shoes cheap meh? I don’t think so haha. I still go with Philippine markets to buy for things when I was in sg.

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      I know your point dear even me, i would rather be going shopping in philippines than in singapore. THough to think that I’ve been living in Singapore for 5 years This is already the cheapest one I can find compare to others . Much expensive If i fly back in Philippines just to do my shopping hihi. x0x0 =) thanks @google-1651575cce947088c4e655c08dd42c76:disqus

  • The City Roamer

    Shoes overload! It looked like a Payless Shoe store.

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      looks like that though, singapore have their own Payless shoe shop also hihi. Thanks po @TheCityRoamer:disqus =)

  • Raizamae Boldios

    how much will it cost me in Ph peso? ahhh. feelin like I wanted to buy every shoe over there. I’ve noted the shop gonna be spending the summer here :) Bless you

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      well if you convert it in peso it would cost you a higher price. But if someone like me who lives in Singapore for such a long time and get used to Sing Dollar money it just feels like I am spending a 19-25 pesos in philippines that feeling haha! Thanks dear!

  • Bella Morcen

    Wala bang ganyan dito? Ang gaganda!

    • Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

      im not too sure if they have in philippines dear! xx